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City of Calgary Services and Residential Property Tax

Today in council, we looked at long-term finance and the upcoming budget cycle for 2019-2022. We also discussed recent surveys from Calgarians and the demands of providing services that meet citizens needs and expectations.

Calgary is a large service provider, with over 67 services. What causes city costs to go up? Here’s an everyday example. For every one cent increase in gasoline prices, there is a $250,000 yearly increase. Just last night, gasoline increased by 15 cents, which alone increased the Calgary Transit budget by 3 million dollars.

The numbers in the chart below represent what you would pay as a taxpayer, if your property was assessed at $450,000. Please note that the average tax rate of our neighbours are provided by the corresponding city, and variances may occur. Compare Calgary with our sister city – Edmonton. Calgary is one thousand dollars less in residential property tax than Edmonton.

As the previous Vice Chair of Finance, I always try to keep all costs down. Over the last year and half cut, we cut half a billion dollars off our budget. I will continue to be firm with spending and I will look for further operational efficiency opportunities.

*Note that the average tax rate of our neighbours are provided by the corresponding city/town, and variances may occur.

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