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Ward 11 - Jeromy Farkas

Construction concerns


I live in Palliser and have been feeling trapped within my own neighbourhood. Odds are, I’m not alone.

With all of the construction that we are seeing at every edge of Ward 11 and throughout the city, it is literally adding hours onto our commute times each week. This coupled with other quality of life impacts such as increased dust, noise, vibration for those living adjacent to active construction sites, in addition to the impacts on our walkways, pathways, green spaces and access to local businesses that affect us all, I share in your frustrations.

Many of you have also contacted my office raising legitimate concerns about emergency response times and First Responders, such as EMS, Calgary Fire and Calgary Police, navigating our community streets as a result of the various construction projects.

In addition to personally flagging these issues that you have raised with me with the City Transportation department and the City Manager, I also continue to flag many of the problem areas in and around Ward 11 with City Transportation staff to have them reviewed and addressed.

Most recently, during Question Period in Council, I called City Administration to account and asked staff to address the impacts to citizens as a result of all of these construction projects. Administration agreed that we should be doing a better job, especially with communicating with citizens, residents and commuters alike. They will be reporting back in the coming days with a plan for better communications between City departments and with citizens.

I continue to question why it was appropriate to start so many projects at the same time especially since they are at located on all of the major roads within the SW quadrant. The widening of Anderson Road, the construction of the Braeside Dry Pond Project, the Southwest BRT (SWBRT), the Southwest Ring Road (SWRR) connectors (90th Avenue extension and Southland Drive extension), Glenmore Trail widening project, ATCO Pipeline Urban Replacement Project (URP), Glenmore Reservoir flood mitigation project (to name just a few) are all major projects that each would be challenging on their own.

When combined, in addition to dozens of building redevelopment and construction projects in and around our neighbourhoods, the next several years will continue to be challenging for all of us.

I urge you all be cautious in your travels and in your leisure activities – your safety is a priority for me. Please contact me at or at 403 268 2476 with your questions and experiences.​​

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