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Ward 11 - Jeromy Farkas

SWBRT Updates

SWBRT Budget Doubles

Many of you have been writing in to comment on the new SWBRT signs that have gone up. I take note that while the original SWBRT budget was passed by City Council at $40 million, the project has now ballooned to over $77 million and counting. All this while transit ridership continues to decline. Adding millions of dollars to operating costs to operate the SWBRT line next year makes no sense especially when there is little ridership on the existing route and taxes continue to increase.

To question this project does not make anyone "anti-transit." Throughout the winter we heard from local residents - and especially seniors with mobility issues - who endured transit service disruptions, poor snow clearing at bus stops, and safety issues. The fact is that we have limited funds available and we need to ensure that when government spends money, we are meeting the greatest need.

What has been your experience?

What has been your experience with the construction resulting from this project? How has it impacted you? What questions do you have that you would like to share? I want to hear from you.

"Calgarians deserve transparency" & - Farkas condemns tree clearcutting to make way for project

Despite reading about and hearing repeated assurances to the contrary, City-hired contractors destroyed newly planted trees from a much beloved green space along the SWBRT route.

Calgarians deserve transparency and have a right to accurate information on all projects. We have to be honest about the impact that the Southwest BRT will have on Ward 11's neighbourhoods and quality of life.

Adding insult to injury, many of the trees destroyed were planted by the City only recently. I also question the timing of this tree removal in the dead of winter, as construction in this area is not slated to begin until next year.

It's sad to see such waste and I'm frustrated by the ongoing consequences of this ill thought out plan.

Read my media release on this issue here.


Project Information as of December 17, 2018


Request to Review Project Denied

City Council rejected my formal request to review the design, cost, and need associated with Phase 2 of the Southwest Bus Rapid Transit (SWBRT) project. Phase 2 is the section of the route that is south of Glenmore Trail.

With a newly elected council, now would have been the ideal time to take stock of the project without incurring any extra costs to taxpayers. I am disappointed that most of the debate regarding this project was held in secret away from the eyes and ears of the local residents who will be impacted the most. Many issues such as safety concerns, detailed project costs and lack of ridership remain unanswered.

I am committed holding City Administration accountable for the management of this major construction project and its future operation including what the cost-benefit will ultimately be.

The construction of this project will have a massive traffic impact on Ward 11 and I want you to know that I will do everything that I can to make sure that Administration is sharing project staging information (road closures, construction noise and hours) with citizens in a timely way.

Despite repeated requests, information regarding the construction of the project has been slow in coming from City Administration. I have asked for bi-monthly meetings with Administration so that I can keep you informed. I will keep asking for information and what I do receive, I will share.

Previous Project Updates

To receive a copy of previous project updates, please contact our office at

Staging Plans

In addition, here are the updated project staging plans that I have received to date. I am also awaiting final detailed project costs and will share those with you as soon as I receive them.


High-level Project Schedule

Many of you have been asking for a project timeline for the SWBRT project. To date, this is all of the information that my office has received. I will keep asking for updated information on your behalf.

Schedule April 2018

I would like to hear from you

I would like to hear from you regarding this project.

Your opinion and quality of life matters to me. Please email me at or phone me at 403 268 2430 anytime.

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