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Alberta’s municipalities are tasked with finding ways to divert waste from limited landfill space. Taxpayers bear the cost of those diversion efforts. Because other provinces put this cost on producers, they are incorporating it into their national pricing. Albertans pay twice for recycling!

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) removes the cost of recycling from taxpayers, and allows private industry to come up with better ways to reduce waste. It moves financial AND operational responsibility to producers. It is one step towards a circular economy—an economy that aims not to dispose of any materials.

As Vice President of the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association (AUMA), Councillor Demong has taken on the task of solving this problem. The AUMA has resolved to advocate to the Province for EPR, and many towns and cities are joining the cause. Councillor Demong has developed a motion in order to further this cause.

View the Notice of Motion - Extended Producer Responsibility.pdf​

First brought to Council: February 4, 2019

Outcome: TBD​

Categories: Extended Producer Responsibility; Motions and Initiatives


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