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The North Crosstown BRT project will connect Calgarians with bus rapid transit service between the Brentwood LRT Station and the Saddletowne LRT Station primarily using 16 Avenue North. The new BRT will be a limited stop bus service operating in regular traffic lanes with several transit priority measures such as queue jumps and priority signals along the route.

More Information: North Crosstown Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) project​​

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On Monday, April 23, I brought forward a Notice of Motion to City Council to direct Administration to create a Multilingual Communication and Engagement Policy. City Council voted unanimously, 15-0, to support the Motion.

The need for this Notice of Motion arises from the ever-changing demographics of Calgary. According to the 2016 Census Federal Census approximately a 1/3 of Calgary’s population does not identify English or French as their mother tongue language. This proportion of Calgary’s population is anticipated to increase over the next 20 years as the main driver of population growth is expected to be from immigration, particularly from Southeast and Southern Asia. This Notice of Motion will help prioritize and further the great work already started by Administration around creating a more inclusive Calgary for all communities.

Other major Canadian municipalities have adopted similar Multilingual policies, some as early as 2002. These policies generally ensure that the municipality’s information reaches residents, keeps them informed and engaged, and that the municipality’s resources for translation and interpretation are used effectively. These policies also establish principles and criteria for translation and interpretation of information about the municipality’s services, programs and engagement activities.

A one-size-fits-all approach to communications and engagement is no longer adequate with the changing demographics of Calgary. The work that will be undertaken by this Notice of Motion is essential to bridging diversity and inclusion gaps that exist with The City of Calgary and the various ethno-cultural communities of our great city.

Watch the Council debate: Multilingual Communications & Engagement Policy Notice of Motion​​

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The City is completing the twinning of Metis Trail N.E., from 80 Avenue to the future Airport Trail intersection. It will reduce travel time and distance for people travelling along the corridor now and in the future. When the Airport Trail extension is built it will also reduce travel times and distances for people travelling to the Calgary International Airport. The current 2-lane road will be twinned and become a 4-lane arterial roadway. A cycling and pedestrian pathway will be built on the east side of Metis Trail N.E., between 88 Avenue and the future Airport Trail intersection. There will also be a new signalized intersection installed at Metis Trail and 88 Avenue N.E. Please visit the Metis Trail N.E. Widening webpage for more details.​​

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