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Ward 6 - Jeff Davison



City Council is the governing body of The City of Calgary and the custodian of its powers, both legislative and administrative. The proper operation of democratic municipal government requires that elected officials be independent, impartial and duly responsible to the public. See City Council Accountability for details on duties, pay and benfits as well as pension plans.

The Code of Conduct for Elected Officials Bylaw 26M2018 defines and promotes ethical conduct standards for Members of Council.


Councillors are accountable for the management of their annual ward office budgets, and transparent in reporting how their budgets are spent. In accordance with the policy and council direction, the Office of the Councillors posts Ward Expense Reports quarterly on its website.


The Ethical Conduct Policy for Members of Council also outlines standards for Members of Council relating to interactions with the public, City employees, contractors, Council staff and all Council members, and, as such, each Member of Councillor is expected to disclose a quarterly list of external visitors to The City (excluding Media), with whom they, or their assistants, have met in their offices.

Gifts and Benefits

To achieve democratic accountability and transparency, it is necessary that no individual or organization influence, or perceive to influence Council activities in exchange for gifts and benefits. There is a clear process to report these gifts and benefits that it is common for them to receive in acting out their duties of office. Gifts are required to be reported semi-annually at June 30 and December 31.

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