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​Calgarians have made their voices heard, loud and clear. They have said "no" to the Olympics, and they want to move on. The passionate and thoughtful debate about the 2026 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games is over. The next chapter in our city’s ongoing story of growth, innovation, and community spirit is about to begin.

I want to be clear about one thing: Calgarians want big things for our city. They just don’t want this. The outcome of this historic plebiscite might have been a lot different if our federal and provincial partners and the International Olympic Committee had participated with more interest and shown greater commitment to this project– if they had put a better, more concrete, less risky deal on the table with enough time for Calgarians to participate. That didn’t happen, and now it’s time for us to move on to bigger and better things.

I see this outcome as an opportunity. It’s a chance for us to put our focus on where it needs to be. On the Green Line. On affordable housing. On getting our economy back in shape. On investments in infrastructure in our neighbourhoods. And it’s a chance for the federal and provincial governments to look at the many projects that are right in front of us: initiatives no less important than the Olympics, but ones all the more urgent, doable, and necessary. There are great things on the horizon for Calgary, and there is an undeniable energy from Calgarians to seek them out. We don’t need an Olympic bid to come together and make our city the best it can be. Let’s go ahead and do it.

I want to thank everyone for their tireless and inspiring work on the 2026 Olympic bid. Even though the plebiscite will put an end to this journey, you have each been a powerful and selfless example to all Calgarians, and on their behalf, I thank you.

Now lets get to work!​

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