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Ward 8 - Evan Woolley

Development in Calgary's Ward 8

Calgary continues to grow and the neighbourhoods of Ward 8 remain some of the most desirable in which to live in the city.

Ward 8 sees more redevelopment than any other part of Calgary thanks in large part to local businesses, our proximity to downtown, and our access to all modes of transportation.

We are thoughtful advocates as we shape what, where, and how redevelopment occurs. We build on this progress by making the right investments and establishing policies to ensure more thoughtful, quality developments are built in our neighbourhoods over the long term.

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​​Development Map and Feedback


If you have any concerns with a current or proposed development in your community, please get in touch.

Make your voice heard by writing to the file manager or, in the case of a land use redesignation, speaking at a public hearing of Council.

And remember one of the most powerful tools of all for residents: your community association. Join up, chip in, and make your voice heard.

You can view land use redesignations and development permits on The City of Calgary Development Map including the file manager, contact information, and the stage of the development process.

​​​​​​​View development map​​​​​​​

Planning and development links​​

Community Outreach on Planning and Development - This online toolkit is a resource available for anyone who is interested or involved in the community outreach process connected to the planning and development of Calgary and our communities.

Developed Areas Guidebook - Communities are in a constant state of evolution and growth. The Developed Areas Guidebook (Guidebook) is an important tool – together with the Municipal Development Plan (MDP), local area plans, and the Land Use Bylaw – that supports growth and change, and building great neighbourhoods. The purpose of the Guidebook is to provide a consistent planning approach through a land use framework (Building Blocks) to guide development and the local area planning process. The goal of the Guidebook is to provide a tool that can help us to achieve our outcomes in the MDP by supporting healthy communities, transit and infrastructure investment, housing choice, increased density in strategic areas, and mobility choice.

Heritage Planning - Heritage Planning is a specialized team within Planning and Development that works to protect and manage Calgary's historic resources.​ Heritage Planning works with Heritage Calgary, which evaluates and adds sites to the Inventory of Evaluated Historic Resources.

Land Use Bylaw - The City of Calgary’s Land Use Bylaw (1P2007) has been in effect since June 1, 2008. It outlines the rules and regulations for development of land in Calgary for each district (zone) as well as the process of making decisions for development permit applications. A Land Use bylaw is required for every municipality in Alberta as per the requirements in the Municipal Government Act. This includes the division of the municipality into land use districts (zones).

Land Use Districts/Zones - A list which provides an overview of land use designations. Common land use districts in Ward 8 include R-1/R-C1, R-2/R-C2, R-CG, M-CG, MU-1, MU-2, M1, M-2, C-COR1, DC, and CC-X.

Main Streets - Calgary’s Main Streets are places where citizens come together. They are places where we want to go, we enjoy, and we coalesce as a community. The transformation of our Main Streets will occur jointly through public and private investment, and will empower citizens to travel less and live more by providing the things we need right in our own communities.

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Municipal Development Plan - Calgary's Municipal Development Plan (MDP) is our vision for how Calgary grows and develops over the next 30 to 60 years. Calgary is expected to grow by another 1.3 million people over that time, so it is important to plan for our future.

Planning and Development Home - The City's Planning & Development Department is responsible for defining and implementing the growth of the city. We develop plans, policies and services that support land use and development throughout Calgary and in the Calgary region. Our work helps us to achieve the goals of the Municipal Development Plan.

Public Notices - To provide feedback or comments on applications that have a notice posting sign, and/or are currently under review, find the application on the development map, and write to the file manager before a decision is made. Notice posting signs​ are physical signs that are posted on the site of potential developments to inform citizens about proposed land use amendments and development permits on the property.

Subdivision & Development Appeal Board - The Calgary Subdivision and Development Appeal Board (SDAB or Board) is a quasi-judicial board established in accordance with the Municipal Government Act and The City of Calgary Bylaw 25P95 (SDAB Bylaw).
The SDAB hears appeals regarding decisions made by The City of Calgary subdivision and development authorities and renders decisions based on the evidence presented.

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