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Ward 8 - Evan Woolley

Evan’s Strategic Work Plan 2018-2021

Evan has developed a Strategic Work Plan that will act as a bridge between City of Calgary budget, One Calgary, and Evan’s city and neighbourhood priorities. His strategic goals and objectives provide near-term focus in efforts to make Calgary a great place to make a living and a great place to make a life.

The Work Plan endeavors to provide a shared commitment between the Ward 8 office and City departments to create an aspirational vision for the City through specific programs, projects, and policies.

5 Principles

Strengthen Our Economy

Energy remains a key pillar of our economy, but we have refocused our efforts to make Calgary more diverse and resilient.

Our path to competitiveness is through agribusiness, logistics, financial services, creative industries, tourism and the emerging high tech sectors.

We continue to leverage investments in the downtown and make Calgary the best place to do business.

Through building partnerships between the private and public sector, we have strengthened our position as a Cultural and Sport Capital and are a leader in sustainability and environmental practice.

Support Thoughtful Development

Calgary continues to grow and the neighbourhoods of Ward 8 continue to be some of the most desirable in our city.

Ward 8 sees more redevelopment than any other part of Calgary thanks to great local businesses, our proximity to downtown and our access for all modes of transportation.

We are thoughtful advocates as we shape what, where, and how redevelopment occurs.

We build on this progress by making the right investments and establishing policies to ensure more thoughtful, quality developments are built in our neighbourhoods over the long term.

Responsible Civic Governance

Calgary has a modern and efficient municipal government that is focused on resilience and continuous improvement.

As a City, we have embraced innovation, streamlined processes and procedures, and cut red tape.

We communicate clearly and frequently with Calgarians so they understand how their taxes are being invested.

We are active and engaged in making life better for Calgarians every day.

Reinvest in Our Neighbourhoods

The neighbourhoods of Ward 8 are diverse, resilient and vibrant.

As established communities with rich histories and bright futures, we have prioritized fixing aging infrastructure through re-investment.

Our Main Streets have attracted new development and great local amenities.

As our communities continue to grow and welcome new neighbours, the City continues to reinvest in our roads, sidewalks, recreation facilities, libraries, community halls and parks.

Connect Our Neighbourhoods

Connected communities are stronger communities.

We have improved the safety, mobility and overall experience for every mode of transportation around our neighbourhoods and we are working to reduce the impacts of traffic.

We continue to make sure that transportation in and around our city is equitable for all citizens while keeping our eyes towards the future of transportation with autonomous technologies.

Working together

Evan believes that hard work is essential to accomplishing goals. He is proactive, engaged, and accountable. Evan is working with Calgarians to achieve the goals he has set.

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