Chinatown Mural

Chinatown mural

Chinatown will look more vibrant later this year when a colourful new wall mural is painted in the neighbourhood.


Chinatown is one of Calgary’s most distinctive cultural communities, with a long history. The current Chinatown is the third location of the community in Calgary, after the first two locations were displaced. Before it was established in 1910, the area was a Blackfoot encampment.

About the project

Originally planned as a mural on the road, the project was changed to be a wall mural based on feedback received during community engagement.

The mural will create visual interest for residents and visitors as it becomes the newest addition to Chinatown’s other wall murals that can be seen on various buildings and in alleyways.

Local artist Jarett Sitter was selected to design and paint the mural later in 2022. Over the next few months, the Chinatown community will help choose a location for the wall mural and inform the design by sharing their stories, history, and knowledge of Chinatown with the artist.

Engagement opportunity

As part of the new direction for public art, artist engagement is being led by Calgary Arts Development.

Tell us in the online survey what comes to mind when you think of Chinatown.

About the artist

Jarett is of Chinese-German-Polish descent and works full-time as a freelance mixed media illustrator/animator. He's currently a board member of the Quickdraw Animation Society in Calgary.

He draws inspiration from skateboarding graphics, music, album covers, and Saturday morning cartoons. He plays with these nostalgic elements to create unique worlds.

His illustrations and live-action animations can be described as creepy and playful, with elements of softness and manic absurdity. He creates a world without explanation and brings strange characters to life. These misfit characters follow their own story to embrace small moments of discovery and the childlike curiosity of exploration.

Jarett has contributed animation and post-production work for music videos that were nominated for Juno Awards and Much Music Video Awards. He also illustrated the 2018 music cover issue of Believer Magazine. In 2021, Jarett was selected to be the City of Calgary Centre City Banner Artist and his banner designs were installed in and around the downtown area.

To view more of Jarett's work, visit his website at

jared sitter