Plus 15 Accessibility Improvement Project

Project update – January 16, 2023

During construction, some Plus 15s will be closed to public access while these upgrades are installed. Closure start dates are listed below and information will be posted outside of the Plus 15. The majority of the work is occurring after regular business hours and at night due to noise and to reduce impacts to tenants.

Some re-opening dates have been delayed due to supply chain delays of the materials needed or unexpected re-design work is required. Please check the table below for the most up-to-date estimated re-open dates.

We thank all Plus 15 users for their patience as we work to complete these vital improvements to our network.

Phase 1 closure dates
Plus 15 location Closure start date Estimated re-open date
Metropolitan Conference Centre to 333 5 Ave SW July 18


First Canadian Centre to CORE July 25


Centennial Parkade August 4


AMEC Place to Nexen August 8


Nexen to Life Plaza August 8


Fifth Avenue Place to Bow Valley Square August 29


Phase 2 closure dates
Plus 15 location Closure start date Estimated re-open date
Western Canadian to First Alberta Place September 6


Petro Fina to Western Canadian Place September 8


Fifth & Fifth to Five Ten Fifth September 7


817 7 Avenue SW to 801 7 Avenue SW September 13


Encore Place to 707 7 Avenue S.W. September 14


Lot 40 Parkade to The Ampersand (previously Sunlife Plaza) September 28


Project overview

Following the completion of the 2019 Plus 15 Network study, recommendations were made to improve accessibility in Calgary’s Plus 15 Network. The goal of this project is to improve the Plus 15 network experience for all Calgarians, with upgrades planned for 26 Plus 15 bridge structures to be completed through early 2023.

Plus 15 Accessibility upgrade locations

  • City Hall to Calgary Police Services (CPS)
  • Bankers Hall to Gulf Square
  • 817 7 Avenue S.W. to 801 7 Avenue S.W.
  • AMEC Place to Nexen to Life Plaza
  • 801 7 Avenue to Petro Fina
  • Shell Centre to Westin Hotel
  • Fifth Avenue Place to Bow Valley Square
  • Centennial Parkade
  • First Canadian Centre to CORE
  • Fifth & Fifth to Five Ten Fifth
  • Petro Fina to Western Canadian Place
  • Metropolitan Conference Centre to 333 5 Avenue S.W.
  • Municipal Building to Arts Commons
  • HSBC to Bankers Hall
  • James Short Parkade to Sunlife Plaza
  • Watermark Tower to Eight Avenue Place
  • Encore Place to 707 7 Avenue S.W.
  • Calgary Courts Centre to Encore Place
  • Fifth Avenue Place to International Hotel
  • James Short to Trans Canada Tower link
  • Bow Valley North to South
  • Western Canadian
  • City Centre Parkade

Many of these Plus 15 bridges were built in the 1970s and 1980s and require improvements to bring them up to modern-day accessibility standards. This accessibility work will improve the universal usability of our Plus 15 bridges. The improvement work includes upgrading infrastructure within the Plus 15's to meet current universal accessibility standards such as:

  • ramps
  • flooring
  • lighting
  • handrails and doors

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What kind of improvements will Plus 15 users see?

The major accessibility upgrades include replacing flooring with low rolling resistant, tactile, and color contrasting flooring, incorporation of continuous graspable handrails, automatic electric doors, and the construction or modification of several ramps. This work will be done on 26 Plus 15 bridge structures identified as critical to moderate condition.

Will I be able to use the Plus 15 network during construction?

While The City makes every effort to minimize disruptions to Plus 15 users, certain construction activities will require the closure of various bridges at various times. These closures will ensure public safety as construction is carried out. Signage will be posted outside of the Plus 15 entrances during construction.

When will this project be completed?

Major construction activity is expected to be completed by early 2023.

How will I be notified of construction closures?

Construction closure notices will be posted outside of Plus 15s prior to construction. Major closures may also be posted at the top of this page.

Where can I find more information about The City’s Plus 15 Network?

Calgary's Plus 15 network is an important piece of infrastructure in our downtown core. Calgary has 85 Plus 15 walkways spread throughout the core, with most connecting two or more buildings. For more information visit


  • Contract Awarded: June 2022
  • Construction: June 2022 – Early 2023

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