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Due to continued dry conditions, mandatory Stage 1 Outdoor Water Restrictions are in place until further notice.

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Bylaw specified penalty reference guide

An enforcement guide to frequently used sections and their penalties

Information in the bylaw specified penalty reference guide is provided solely for the user’s information and should not be construed as legal or professional advice. While thought to be accurate, it is provided strictly ‘as is’ and without warranty of any kind. The City of Calgary, its agents, employees or contractors shall not be responsible for the accuracy of the contents, and shall not be liable for the results of any action taken on the basis of the information provided in this document.

Legislation is subject to change. For legislative certainty, you should always consult the applicable bylaw, regulation, act or enactment. Electronic, uncertified copies of bylaws are available from The City’s web site at to obtain certified legal copies of City bylaws, call the Bylaw Clerk, City Clerk’s department, 268-5732.

Any provincial or municipal bylaw offence committed for which a specified penalty of $1,000 or less is prescribed, must be charged using a Part 3 violation ticket (Offence Notice), unless the public interest exception applies.

If the specified penalty is $1001.00 or more or, in the Public Interest (must be mandatory court) Part 2 (Summons) or, if the accused is from Out of Province, issue a Part 2 AND you will need to fill in the "Voluntary Payment Option”.

Subpoena requests must be submitted directly to the Law Department, internal mail code #8053.

Community mediation Calgary Society

Some situations are best handled by alternate measures, as opposed to issuing a summons or notice. The Community Mediation Calgary Society offers this type of service, together with some tips. Learn more.

Contact numbers

For more information about the contents of this quick reference, please contact the following:

  • 311: The City of Calgary’s 24/7 service. Staff cannot interpret legislation, but can access The City’s posted uncertified bylaw information for details on schedules, lists, conditions, definitions, etc. which could not be printed here. The information in this guide may be updated between printings, and 311 will have access to the updates.
  • Calgary Transit, Public Safety Enforcement Dispatch: 403-268-1412
  • Sergeants Office, Calgary Transit, Public Safety: 403-268-1419 
  • Calgary Parking Authority: 403-537-7100 
  • Business Licenses: 403-268-5521
  • Calgary Community Standards Bylaw Operations Administrator:
  • CCS Training Officer: 403-660-3719

Frequently accessed sections

Bylaw Bylaw number Updated

COVID-19 Vaccine Passport Bylaw 

65M2021 09/23/2021
Barclay Mall Bylaw​​ 17M84  
Cannabis Consumption Bylaw 24M2018 24M2018  

Community Standards Bylaw 32M2023

32M2023  07/04/2023
Encroachment Bylaw 9M2020 9M2020  
Glenmore Park Bylaw 9018 9018  
Livery Transport Bylaw 6M2007 6M2007  
Lot Grading Bylaw 32M2004 32M2004  
Municipal Complex Bylaw 38M2012 38M2012  

Pandemic Face Covering Bylaw 63M2021

63M2021 03-Sept-21
Panhandling Bylaw 3M99 3M99  
Parking Bylaw 41M2002 41M2002  
Parks and Pathways Bylaw 11M2019 11M2019 13-Aug-20
Prohibited Businesses Bylaw 20M2020 20M2020 31-Jul-20
Public Behavior Bylaw 54M2006 54M2006  

Residential Directional Signs Bylaw 37P97

37P97 12-Jul-21

Responsible Pet Ownership Bylaw 47M2021

47M2021 20-Jan-22
Smoking and Vaping Bylaw 23M2018 23M2018  
Stephen Avenue Bylaw 52M87 52M87  

Stormwater Bylaw 37M2005

Street Bylaw 20M88 20M88 7-Aug-20
Temporary Signs on Highways Bylaw 29M97 29M97  
Traffic Bylaw 26M96 26M96 6-Aug-20
Transit Bylaw 4M81 4M81 1-Jan-22
Transport of Dangerous Goods Bylaw 13M2004 13M2004  
Tree Protection Bylaw 23M2002 23M2002  
Truck Routes Bylaw 60M90 60M90  
Waste Bylaw 20M2001 20M2001 30-Jul-20
Wastewater Bylaw 14M2012 14M2012  
Water Safety Bylaw 9084 9084  
Water Utility Bylaw 40M2006 40M2006 7-July-21