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Lease and license of occupation to community organizations

On February 27, 2012 Council approved a new “Lease and License of Occupation to Community Organizations Policy” as well as updates to the agreements that policy informs.

Leases and licenses of occupation (LOCs) are the legal expression of the relationship between community associations and social recreation organizations with the city of Calgary. The policies informing lease/LOC agreements are reviewed every 15 years.

For more details on the changes implemented in 2012, read the complete document Lease/license of occupation review. Click here for an overview of engagement done during the review process leading up to the changes approved in February 2012.


Here are the proposed lease and license of occupation agreements that were presented to Council in November for approval.

  1. License of Occupation for Community Associations
  2. License of Occupation for Social Recreation Organizations
  3. Lease for Community Associations
  4. Lease for Social Recreation Organizations

Lease or License of Occupation?

Whether you have a lease or license of occupation is dependent on the type of land your organization occupies. Your current agreement will indicate which it should be. If you have further questions contact your City liaison.

Business Process

There are many different business processes The City uses to support its community partners on City-owned land. Here are three relevant samples.

  1. Capital or lifecycle project with a value of over $50,000 and requiring a development permit
  2. Process to apply for a new lease or license of occupation (Please note that even if you have an existing agreement you must re-apply for a new one upon expiration of old agreement.)
  3. Process to amend your boundary if you need to increase its footprint for a project or reduce its footprint if you no longer require (and expense of maintaining it) the land

For information on additional business process as they may apply to your organization please contact your City liaison.​