• Accessible parking

    ​There are a number of accessible on-street parking zones in downtown Calgary. Ongoing community cost? No

  • Calgary Transit Access

    ​Calgary Transit provides specialized door-to-door transit service for people with disabilities who are unable to use regular fixed-route transit service. Calgary Transit Access is limited and based on eligibility. There are two types of trips, which must be booked in advance: Casual - trips are booked no later than 1 p.m. the day before the trip and you can book these trips up to four days in advance. Subscription - trips occur at least once every two weeks on the same day(s), at the same time, to and from the same place for a minimum of 6 weeks. Click to view eligibility requirements Ongoing community cost? No

  • Sidewalk construction

    ​Missing links and wheelchair ramps are constructed during redevelopment or other road work. Ongoing community cost? No

  • Sidewalk repair / replacement

    ​From mid-March to mid-October, The City repairs streets, curbs, gutters, lanes and sidewalks. Repairs are reviewed annually and prioritized city-wide according to safety issues and damage severity. Ongoing community cost? No

  • Accessible disabled parking

    ​The City of Calgary Roads will establish and install accessible parking zones for the exclusive use of people with disabilities who operate or travel by motor vehicle. Only applicants who do not have off-street parking (garage, car port or driveway) or the disability hampers access to the off-street parking may qualify for the installation of one sign at the requested location. Ongoing community cost? No

  • Persons with Disabilities

    The Calgary Police Service Persons with Disabilities liaison officer builds relationships between police, persons with disabilities and service organizations. They serve as a resource on cases that involve persons with disabilities and work with the Persons with Disabilities Police Advisory Committee to: Promote effective two-way communication with the community. Identify and resolve crime and safety concerns. Increase police awareness of community issues related to disabilities. Promote education and awareness of disability issues. Contact the Persons with Disabilities community liaison at 403-428-8150. Ongoing community cost? No

  • Vulnerable person registry

    ​The Calgary Police Service has created a database where people can register if they have a physical, mental, or medical condition that means they may require special attention in an emergency. Ongoing community cost? No

  • CEMA disabilities guide

    Calgary Emergency Management Agency (CEMA) has created an emergency preparedness guide for persons with disabilities. The guide offers practical advice on preparing for an emergency or disaster and provides advice to caregivers. Included in the guide is a personal assessment and checklist used to inform others about any special needs a person with a disability might have. Ongoing community cost? No

  • Advisory Committee (ACA)

    ​The Advisory Committee on Accessibility (ACA) addresses physical, transportation, communication, social and economic access issues. It acts as a resource to City business units and promotes City services and facilities that meet the needs of people with disabilities. Ongoing community cost? No

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