Caution | Mandatory Outdoor Water Restrictions

Due to continued dry conditions, mandatory Stage 1 Outdoor Water Restrictions are in place until further notice.

Visit for more information.
  • Community cleanups

    ​Organized Community Cleanup events save residents a trip to the landfill for items that do not fit in their waste and recycling carts or those who do not have cart service. The City supplies three packer trucks with crews (two for waste and one for organic materials). Ongoing community cost? No - extra services such as electronics recycling comes with a cost to community.

  • Graffiti Abatement program

    If a property owner is unable to remove graffiti, assistance from the Corporate Coordinated Graffiti Abatement Program can be requested, free of charge. Ongoing community cost? No - The City reserves the right to decline services in certain circumstances.

  • Paint the pavement

    ​Roadway mural paintings create visual interest for pedestrian and vehicle traffic. The City guides citizens through the process to decide location, artwork size, and content. Ongoing community cost? Yes

  • Street sign repair / replace

    ​Reviewed annually and prioritized city-wide according to severity of damage including fading and loss of reflectivity. Ongoing community cost? No

  • Street furniture

    ​Bike racks, benches, little libraries, garbage bins, poster boards. These items help enhance a space where people are encouraged to gather. City or community to provide, with City approval. Ongoing community cost? Yes

  • Sidewalk repair / replacement

    ​From mid-March to mid-October, The City repairs streets, curbs, gutters, lanes and sidewalks. Repairs are reviewed annually and prioritized city-wide according to safety issue and damage severity.  Ongoing community cost? No

  • Flags and banners

    Mounting decorative flags or banners on select streetlight poles is possible for a specific location or along a particular route. Community group supplies and pays for approved vendor to install. City will inspect, annually. Calgary Parks will be placing up banners in TIMN communities as a part of Canada 150 celebrations. Ongoing community cost? Yes

  • Utility box art

    ​Community residents work with an artist to create an original piece of public art, using the utility box as the canvas. Ongoing community cost? Yes

  • The Litter Cleanup Kits

    ​The Litter Cleanup Kit (TLC Kit) put simple tools into the hands of Calgarians when they are needed most and in locations where they can make the most impact. Each kit contains the basic necessities for individuals or groups to host their own cleanups and has gloves, garbage bags, hand sanitizer and cleanup instructions for up to 10 participants. Kits are available at many locations in Calgary. Ongoing community cost? No

  • Pathway and river cleanup

    ​An annual event held on the first Sunday in May where thousands of registered volunteers help remove litter in Calgary's parks and along pathways and river banks. Ongoing community cost? No

  • Calgary parks aesthetics

    ​Calgary Parks helps add character and interest to a neighbourhood by incorporating public art or aesthetic pieces in park infrastructure, for example, neighbourhood residents engage with an artist to create an original piece of public art using the Parks garbage bin as the canvas. Ongoing community cost? Yes

  • Community gardens

    ​The City values community gardens and supports the creation of new and retaining existing community gardens. We are pleased to support community gardens by working with a variety of community organizations. Ongoing community cost? Yes

  • Urban forest and landscape

    Protect and enhance urban forest and natural landscape. ​Engage communities on naturalization and alternate horticulture practices and projects by implementing a biodiversity strategy at the neighbourhood level, enhancing citizens' enjoyment of their local parks, and piloting new technologies, techniques and species. Ongoing community cost? No

  • Report bus shelter vandalism

    ​If you see someone damaging a shelter, call 911 immediately. If you notice a shelter has been damaged and needs repair: Call 403-262-1000. Report via 311 online services. Call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477 to report anonymously if you know someone who has vandalized a shelter or if you have evidence of someone vandalizing a shelter. Ongoing community cost? No

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