Caution | Mandatory Outdoor Water Restrictions

Due to continued dry conditions, mandatory Stage 1 Outdoor Water Restrictions are in place until further notice.

Visit for more information.
  • City bus

    ​Calgary Transit has a fleet of over 1,100 buses. In addition to the 160 regular bus routes, there are five BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) routes that average a higher speed and have fewer stops. Ongoing community cost? No

  • CTrain

    ​With 56 kilometers of track and 44 stations on two lines, the CTrain can help connect you to where you want to go. The Red Line runs from Tuscany in the northwest to Somerset-Bridlewood in the south, and the Blue Line runs from Saddletowne in the northeast to 69 Street SW. The free fare zone travels downtown along 7 Avenue between City Hall and Downtown West / Kerby stations. Ongoing community cost? No

  • Park and ride

    ​Calgary Transit provides around 16,000 parking spaces at 33 locations and more than 13,000 are at CTrain stations. A reserved parking system allows commuters to pay for a guaranteed parking space during weekday morning hours. Certain Park and ride locations (69 Street SW, Somerset-Bridlewood, Tuscany) have a high demand for reserved spots. For information on available reserved stalls call 403-262-1000 or click the read more button. Ongoing community cost? No

  • Scheduled bus arrival times

    ​Get scheduled bus arrival times via telephone, text or app. Ongoing community cost? No

  • Transit route changes

    ​Get route change information, service disruptions, and more through email alerts, Twitter and passenger information signs - electronic sign boards at all CTrain stations providing real time and other service information. Twitter @calgarytransit Ongoing community cost? No

  • Bus routings

    ​Calgary Transit follows approved policies and design principles which influence the planning and delivery of transit service. Calgary Transit's goal is for Calgarians to have access to transit service within a five-minute walk (i.e. 400 meters) from most developed areas. Transit route networks allow for good transit access to local community services (schools, shopping centres) and external destinations (Downtown). The routes are planned as part of the planning and development process and are located on collector and arterial streets whenever possible. Changes occur to improve efficiency, directness, or as part of CTrain network expansion. Ongoing community cost? No

  • Transit stops

    ​Calgary Transit identifies bus stops in new community plans before they are built. Locations are carefully chosen based on factors like customer, pedestrian and vehicle safety and the ease of access to nearby residences and businesses. Bus stops are permanent neighbourhood fixtures and a typical stop serves hundreds of nearby residents, visitors and employees. Stopping or parking in bus a zone is prohibited and parked vehicles may be ticketed or towed and impounded (Bylaw 26M96). Ongoing community cost? No

  • Transit shelters

    ​A shelter provides transit customers protection from inclement weather. Not all transit stops have shelters and the budget currently allows for the installation, maintenance, and cleaning of 25 new shelters city-wide each year. Calgary Transit gets many requests for shelters and each request is added to our shelter evaluation list. Factors we consider are adjacent land uses, number of passengers using the stop, proximity to other shelters, exposure to the elements, and the space needed for a concrete pad. Ongoing community cost? No

  • Calgary Transit Access

    ​Calgary Transit provides specialized door-to-door transit service for people with disabilities unable to use regular fixed-route transit service. Calgary Transit Access is limited and based on eligibility. There are two types of trips, which must be booked in advance: Casual - trips are booked no later than 1 p.m. the day before the trip and you can book these trips up to four days in advance. Subscription - trips occur at least once every two weeks on the same day(s), at the same time, to and from the same place for a minimum of 6 weeks. Eligibility requirements Ongoing community cost? No

  • Livery Transport Services

    ​Regulates and licenses taxi and limousine industry to cultivate public trust and industry confidence. Improving public safety and security when getting in a taxi. Ongoing community cost? No

  • Pathway maps

    ​Cycling and walking routes can be found using's interactive pathways and bikeways map and through iPhone or Android app. There are also maps to help you walk or cycle to your favourite Calgary attractions. Ongoing community cost? No

  • Street sign repair / replace

    ​Reviewed annually and prioritized city-wide according to severity of damage including fading and loss of reflectivity. Ongoing community cost? No

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