Shoring/Backsloping Application

An application must be submitted for any surface disturbance to streets, lanes or UR/W's as required under the Streets Bylaw. There is currently no fee for this application.

All shoring/backsloping applications must provide offsetting dimensions from property, and/or lot lines identifying the size of the disturbance, or clearing showing proposed tie-backs. In addition, a detailed cross section must be provided, which clearly shows the property line, and how far out into the Rights-of-Way the disturbance will be, and the depth of the disturbance.

Applications can be submitted on The City of Calgary Block Profiles or a similar product of equal scale (1:250, 1:500 or 1:1000 metric). Scanned images of existing block profiles are available through City Online.

Submissions must include the following:

  • A cover letter requesting approval to carry out subsurface investigations within City of Calgary Rights-of-Way addressed to Utility Line Assignments –Collaboration, Analytics & Innovations (mail code 8026), 800 Macleod Tr. S.E., Calgary, Alberta, T2P 2M5.
  • Detailed cross section, on 8 ½ X 11 paper, of the borehole indicating depth, diameter and capping method for paved or grass area.
  • Six copies of the block profile showing the requested information.

Once this review is complete, a letter will be mailed to you indicating conditions of approval or any revisions required. A copy of this letter is forwarded to Calgary Roads informing them of our approval. This is required for the applicant to obtain an Indemnification Agreement. Please contact 311 or Roads e-permits for assistance with this or any other roads permits (i.e. excavation permits) required. If you are outside of the city limits call 403-268-2489.

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