October 27, sessions 10-12

Session 10

Implementing electric vehicle charging in existing condominiums and apartments

Thursday, October 27, 2022 9:30am - 10:30am MST

As more hybrid and electric vehicles hit the road, condo and apartment buildings will see increasing demand for the supporting charging infrastructure. This presentation will highlight what condo boards need to consider with respect to policy and electrical capacity when it comes to the assessment, installation and long-term advantage of EV charging in multi-unit buildings. Speaking to both EV owners and non-EV owners, this session digs into the ifs-ands-or-buts on the process, costs, and how you can go from thinking about EV charging to charging cars.

carol anne indigenomics

Glen Gordon, Unico Power.

As Co-Founder and CEO of Unico Power Corporation, Glen is focused on using the latest technology to deliver energy management solutions to multi-family buildings – helping condo owners who want to own an electric vehicle by making it easy for them to charge at home

Session 11

Electrification: Possible pathways, technologies and innovation

Thursday, October 27, 2022 11:30am - 12:30pm MST

Electrification is a concept that has been identified as both a solution to reducing GHG emissions as well as an economic opportunity for Calgary. Join representatives from Shell, ENMAX, and Zeno Renewables for presentations on electrification – what is it, and what are the electrification pathways and technologies that will move us towards our 2050 net zero emissions target?

andy hultgren

Jenna Anand, Shell Canada.

Value Chain Integration CR Advisor for Shell’s Renewables & Energy Solutions business, and Energy Futures Lab Fellow. Jenna graduated from the University of Calgary in Chemical Engineering and has a 17-year career in energy project management, which includes solar, EV charging and microgrid development.

andy hultgren

Mike McCarthy, Enmax.

Mike is the Manager of Grid Innovation for ENMAX Power in Calgary, Alberta. ENMAX’s Grid Innovation team is preparing the electric system to meet the demands of an increasingly electrified world. By adopting new strategies and emerging technologies ENMAX is transforming the way it plans, operates, and maintains a modern grid. Mike lives in Calgary with his wife their two-year-old son.

andy hultgren

Gursh Bal, Zeno Renewables.

Gursh is fortunate to hold the title Co-CEO which has his key focuses being company expansion, idea generation, industry research and development, company culture development, creativity, problem solving, and managing key relationships. His primary objective is to grow and nurture a team that feels valued and relevant to the future of what humanity has to offer to our home (earth) and beyond. Gursh is excited about this industry because working in renewables is an opportunity to do good that is greater than yourself while also making a good living. It is a beautiful blend of advancing yourself at a personal and community level simultaneously.

andy hultgren

Kai Fahrion, Zeno Renewables.

In 2015, Kai started Virtuoso Energy with Gursh. At that time, there was (and still is) a gap in the way energy is used and viewed locally and globally. Starting a company allowed him to address this issue while empowering others to make a positive impact. Today, Kai occupies the role of Co-CEO, which gives him the exciting responsibility of working on special projects, growing the company, developing team unity, and providing leadership for our vision. It has been an amazing journey so far and it’s been very fulfilling to see the amazing individuals we have on our team come together to help achieve the greater vision of the company.

Session 12

Building an equitable solar sector

Thursday, October 27, 2022 2:00pm - 3:00pm MST

Join Solar Alberta, a not-for-profit society that has operated as a community and industry hub for over 30 years, along with City of Calgary staff and a representative from Renfrew Community Solar to learn about equity in the solar sector.

Solar Alberta will share steps they are taking internally and with respect to their public outreach, to be a more inclusive organization as well as steps Solar Alberta is recommending to their 130+ solar industry members to create a more equitable solar sector. In addition, They will highlight programs and policies that the Government of Alberta and municipalities around Alberta have begun implementing to achieve more equitable access to the benefits of solar power generation for everyday Albertans. Their presentation will be followed by Renfrew Community Solar to share their project, and City staff to discuss the Clean Energy Improvement Program (CEIP).

andy hultgren

Heather MacKenzie, Solar Alberta.

Heather is the Executive Director of Solar Alberta. She and her team work to accelerate Alberta's transition to a just and sustainable energy future. Heather is a seasoned leader, community organizer, and green business advocate. She is currently completing a Masters in Public Administration and also has degrees in International Development, Sociology, and History. Heather believes that investing in solar is a meaningful way that Albertans can take action on climate change.

andy hultgren

Paul Gill, Renfrew Community Solar.

Paul has worked in the Calgary technology sector his whole professional career and is now proud to be part of the Innovation Team at Enmax Power where they pilot transformative technologies that enable the energy transition with an Alberta focus. Paul has championed the Renfrew Solar Garden initiative and seen it become an enabling force for solar generation in Calgary communities. This project has been a symbol of his passion for a positive and sustainable future using renewable generation to electrify all his gadgets.