Licensing City property for telecommunication antenna structures

The City of Calgary may, under certain circumstances, license the installation of telecommunication antenna structures and devices (commonly known as cell towers) on City-owned property.

The Telecommunication Antenna Structures on Municipal Property Council policy outlines when cell towers may be placed on City-owned property.

The City of Calgary will consider allowing cell towers and antennas on City-owned property:

  • when there are no available private sites that meet a wireless service provider's technical needs; or
  • where there is significant public opposition to a proposed private site.

The wireless service provider must first discuss the possible use of a specific City site with Planning & Development to ensure planning policy considerations are met before inquiring about its availability.

Making an inquiry to license City property

  1. Visit
  2. The inquiry regarding the property in question will then be circulated to the respective City business units to determine if the property is needed for current or future Municipal use. This process will take approximately six weeks to complete.
  3. If the site is not available, the Wireless Infrastructure Development (WID) Case Steward will inform the applicant.
  4. If the site is available, the WID Case Steward will contact the applicant to discuss next steps, including conducting any public consultation that may be required, abiding by all the terms and conditions outlined in The City of Calgary Telecommunication Antenna Structures Siting Protocols.
  5. Once evidence of public support is provided, the applicant may request a Letter of Authorization from Real Estate & Development Services (, which will allow the applicant to make an application to Planning & Development for a telecommunication antenna structure.
  6. Planning & Development will review the submission, render a decision and, if supported, provide the applicant with a Letter of Concurrence.
  7. The applicant can then request a Licence of Occupation for Telecommunications from Real Estate & Development Services by contacting

Note: An inquiry does not guarantee the City site will be available for licensing.

Please see Frequently Asked Questions for more information about The City's role and responsibilities regarding cell towers. For questions or feedback, email

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