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Development Phase

Following a successful procurement, the Green Line Board has approved the Development Phase Agreement and selected Bow Transit Connectors as Green Line’s Development Partner.

Bow Transit Connectors (BTC) brings together Barnard Constructors of Canada, LP, Flatiron Constructors Canada Ltd, and WSP Canada Inc, along with their financial advisor EllisDon Capital Inc. Collectively they will bring shared expertise in underground, above-ground structures, and LRT design and construction to deliver Phase 1 of the Green Line LRT Project.

In addition to the lead construction and design team, BTC are proposing their subconsultants, which, to date, include:

  • Delve Underground
  • Platinum Engineering Ltd
  • Egis
  • IBI
  • GEC Architecture
  • Architecture 49

As additional agreements are finalized, Green Line will share updates about this dedicated group of subcontractors who will be working collaboratively with the Green Line team through both the Development and Implementation Phases. The Green Line remains a project for Calgarians, built by Calgarians.

The Development Phase will begin in May 2023 and be an approximately 16-month process. This time frame was negotiated with BTC during final negotiations of the Development Phase Agreement as the more advanced the design is, the higher confidence there is in costs.

At the conclusion of the Development Phase, the goal is to sign the Project Agreement and begin the Implementation Phase. This goal remains on track for 2024. 

Who is Bow Transit Connectors?

Bow Transit Connectors (BTC) is a joint venture entity created to deliver the Green Line LRT. BTC is led by transportation and infrastructure professionals with local Canadian experience delivering large, complex infrastructure projects. 


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Questions and answers

What is a Development Phase?

In the Design Build Finance with Development Phase model, a Development Partner is selected after the conclusion of the RFP stage. Throughout the Development Phase, the Development Partner will work collaboratively with the Green Line team during an approximately 16-month period to advance design and negotiate risks, price, and the project schedule

During this period, long-lead procurement and some work packages may proceed.

Following the Development Phase, the Project Agreement is signed, and the Implementation Phase begins. 

What are the benefits of a Development Phase?

There are several significant benefits to including a Development Phase. For example, the fact that the owner and the contractor work in a collaborative and transparent manner to advance the design, understand risks, determine the project cost and schedule goes a long way in mitigating problems that can arise later in the life of the project to the extent possible. 

Will local contractors be able to work on Green Line?

Absolutely. Our Development Partner has already identified some of their local sub-contractors and will be building out their teams going forward, building on the strength of Calgary’s local contractors, trades and suppliers. 

When will we get more information about the design?

The design will be advanced throughout the Development Phase. At the conclusion of the Development Phase, Green Line will be able to share details with Calgarians. That being said, the Green Line team and Board will endeavour to provide as many updates as possible to ensure that Calgarians are informed throughout the process.

The Development Phase is essentially a 16-month negotiation between Green Line and our Development Partner, which means that not all information during this process can be shared.

When will we know about Phase 2?

Green Line is focused on Phase 1 of the project, from Shepard to Eau Claire. The Green Line Board is committed to managing costs and risks. Should costs of escalation and other risks not materialize during Phase 1, the Board will make a decision on timing and direction for Phase 2. The timeline for that decision has not been set.

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