Transportation benefits

Environmental benefits

The Green Line LRT will generate new ridership, capacity and faster travel times for Calgarians.

Building the Green Line is the next step towards completing Calgary’s transit network as described in RouteAhead: A Strategic Plan for Transit in Calgary.

The Green Line LRT will deliver significant transportation benefits to Calgarians by expanding mobility choice and providing rapid and direct connections between communities, employment hubs and key destinations between the southeast and downtown.

Generating new ridership

The Green Line LRT will provide new rapid transit connections that generate new ridership.

  • The Green Line LRT is a key component to expanding the City’s rapid transit network.
  • A rapid transit network is a network of fast, frequent and reliable transit service that operates every 10 minutes or more, 15 hours per day, seven days a week. 
  • Phase 1 of the Green Line will connect the broader transit network through the Red and Blue LRT lines and three MAX BRT lines.

The Green Line LRT will expand mobility choice for travel between southeast communities and downtown.

Faster travel times

  • Transit users on the corridor will save an average of 10 minutes per trip – equivalent to approximately 10,000 hours per day for Green Line LRT customers.
  • Riders using the Green Line from the southeast into the downtown core could save up to 25 minutes as compared to existing bus service.
  • Drivers on major roadways, like Deerfoot Trail, will experience a reduction in road congestion and travel times from 5-10%.

Building capacity

The Green Line will provide capacity for today and tomorrow.

  • With the Green Line LRT, Calgary’s LRT network will continue to be one of the busiest LRT systems in the world.
  • Phase 1 will provide capacity to meet the ridership demand and provide customers an exceptional customer service on opening day with opportunities to expand capacity without significant expenditure into the future.
Green Line Phase 1