About the City Manager

David Duckworth

Title: City Manager / Chief Administrative Officer

Areas of focus: As City Manager, David oversees all City departments and works closely with the Mayor and Council on matters of importance to Calgarians. David greatly appreciates the opportunity to lead, and to serve as a team member with, all City employees as we work together to provide exceptional public service to make Calgarians’ lives better every day and Calgary a great place to make a living and a great place to make a life.

Prior to serving as City Manager, David served as the General Manager of Utilities and Environmental Protection with a focus on protecting public health and the environment for current and future generations, and helping all employees work safely. He oversaw business units responsible for: providing safe, clean drinking water (water treatment and supply); wastewater collection and treatment; stormwater management; waste and recycling; organizational health and safety; and environmental management.

Career history: David brings close to 30 years of progressive local government experience and a strong passion for exemplary public service to his role as City Manager. The majority of David’s career has been spent managing water, wastewater, stormwater and solid waste management systems with the cities of Vancouver and Kamloops. He also has extensive experience in managing transportation services, capital construction and project management, information technology, legislative services and protective services, such as police and fire protection and bylaw enforcement. Prior to joining The City, David held various senior leadership roles where he was responsible for many large-scale and successful initiatives such as: the design, construction and maintenance of municipal infrastructure assets including water, wastewater, stormwater, transportation, and facility infrastructure and municipal landfills; design and implementation of one of B.C.’s most advanced and successful residential waste and recycling collection programs; design and implementation of Vancouver’s multi-family recycling program; and procurement and installation of a large-scale universal water meter program. David is a civil engineer with an MBA from the University of British Columbia.

Leadership philosophy: David wholeheartedly embraces The City’s 4C essential qualities of Character - behaving the right way, Competence - doing the right things the right way, Commitment - dedication to the greater public good, and Collaboration - working together for a common purpose. His leadership philosophy is built around achieving outcomes through teamwork, collaboration and open, honest communication. He places significant emphasis on listening and engaging with those impacted by City decisions and processes, including citizens, elected officials, and staff. Over his career, he has built a reputation for developing successful, empowered teams that thrive in a caring, positive and fun work environment. David also believes in leading by example and has practiced environmental stewardship and sustainable living principles throughout his entire career.​​​

David Duckworth