Better Every Day 2021 Q3

Message from City Manager David Duckworth

The prolonged and unpredictable pandemic has not only demanded that we do things differently at The City, but it has also provided us the opportunity to shine when Calgarians needed us most. One thing I am sure of is that, as an organization, we are getting really skilled at adapting.

But adaptability is only made possible through innovation. I am constantly amazed at how we continue to provide Calgarians with improvements in programs and services and offer compassion through everyday innovation. Understanding the need to be nimble, to look at things through a new lens, we are building the habit of recognizing and exploring new opportunities to increase service value, equity, and impact.

When we think of innovation, often the first thoughts that spring to mind include autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence, the internet of things, even the latest smart phone. At The City, we easily think about our important work in building networks, through our support of 5G and wireless infrastructure, City fibre, and rights-of-way, or the work of our civic partner, Platform Calgary, enabling startups and inspiring disruption. But innovation happens any time we create, deliver or enable a unique or new service for our residents and businesses, adapting existing practices, processes, structures, or beliefs, and trying new things with the goal of achieving our purpose of making life better every day.

This edition of Better Every Day highlights a small selection of the many initiatives that demonstrate our compassion through everyday innovation. I invite you to reflect upon what you are doing differently and rise to the challenge to support Calgary’s recovery in the new normal.

David Duckworth, P.Eng., MBA

City Manager

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