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A precautionary boil water advisory is in place for the communities of Silverado, Yorkville and Belmont

Boil Water Advisory issued for three Calgary communities

For businesses

The City of Calgary works closely with licensed funeral homes, community groups and places of worship, like churches and other religious organizations, to provide space for ground burial, crypt entombment, cremation, as well as memorialization products, like headstones and markers. 

When arranging City cemetery services on behalf of a patron or client: 

  • An appointment is required for long-term or near-term planning, or for previous purchases.
  • The executor or designated agent must be present at the appointment with proper documentation, like:
    • Acceptable identification
    • Last Will and Testament (or similar document)
    • Proof of relationship
    • Copy of guardianship order or trusteeship document
    • Proof of occupation (when a funeral home representative is making arrangements on behalf of a client)
    • An order issued by a court in Alberta
    • Copy of a valid Law Society card (when a lawyer is making arrangements on behalf of a client)
  • In a situation where the legal titleholder is unavailable or deceased, The City of Calgary may allow for authority to be granted or transferred, based on the Guidelines for a Letter of Permission  or Outline for a Statutory Declaration (by appointment only). 
  • The City of Calgary is obligated under the Cemeteries Act to obtain a contract for the provision of cemetery supplies or services, signed by both the vendor and the purchaser.
  • An appointment is required at minimum two business day before an interment. Proper notification with documentation is required.
  • Additional fees apply to Saturday and Sunday interment services, and late fees apply to interment services departing graveside after 4:30 p.m. See price list.
  • Mausoleum services are unavailable on Sundays.
  • Please review City of Calgary cemetery Rules and Guidelines.

Interment and disinterment process

When a disinter or reinter of human remains takes place within City cemeteries, a permit may be required. Apply for a disinterment permit through Vital Statistics Alberta, then submit the permit to The City of Calgary via appointment. See our price list for fees associated with interment/disinterment.

Burial permit

Per the Government of Alberta:

“A Burial / Disposition Permit must be obtained before any kind of disposition can take place for a body. To obtain a Burial / Disposition Permit, original death documents or required stillbirth documents need to be provided to a hospital administrator.”

This document must be submitted to The City of Calgary via appointment when a burial takes place within a City cemetery.

Cremation certificate

This document is created by a funeral home before a cremation takes place and must be submitted to The City of Calgary when a burial of cremated remains takes place within a City cemetery.

Green or Natural Burials within the designated Green Burial Section

Green or Natural Burial guidelines are enacted for the common good of all Green or Natural Burial Titleholders and to maintain a standard format and high level of quality control. The guidelines that follow are based on practical considerations, with the aim of minimizing the negative environmental impacts and presenting a natural appearance in and around the designated green or natural burial sections within the cemetery at all times.

All burials shall:

  • Have only one interment per designated burial plot.
  • Take place in the next available burial plot, as determined by the operational requirements and at the discretion of the Cemeteries Lead /Administrator (no pre-selection or reservation of burial plots)
  • Use only biodegradable caskets/containers or suitable burial shrouds
  • Meet ecological minimums, all clothing items used for burial purposes must be of natural fibers such as (cotton, linen, hemp wool) with the removal of all non-biodegradable metal or plastic items such as (clasps, zippers, buttons).
  • If so, desired. Memorialize in the designated communal areas found within the boundaries of the Green burial section. (see restrictions below)

No person shall:

  • Inter human remains that have been embalmed. Any treatment of the body prior to interment must reflect environmentally friendly practices.
  • Place or install a burial vault of any composition into the Burial Lot.
  • Place memorialization, decorative railings, ornamental lamps, vases or personal items on or around the Burial Lot.
  • Plant trees, decorative shrubs, flowers or any plant materials on or around the Burial Lot.
  • Scatter or bury cremated remains on, in or around the designated burial plot.

Alberta Funeral Benefits Application

A licensed funeral home must apply for Alberta funeral benefits through Human Services Alberta. Once burial fees have been approved through this program, proof of approval must be submitted to The City of Calgary via appointment.

Last Post Fund Application

The Last Post Fund’s mission is to ensure that no Veteran is denied a dignified funeral and burial, as well as a military gravestone, due to insufficient funds at time of death. Application information can be found at lastpostfund.ca

Monument and marker guidelines for out-of-town businesses

  • Out-of-town business license - If your business is based outside of Calgary’s city limits, but you will be conducting business within the city, you may require an out-of-town business license. Applications are processed through City of Calgary Planning Services Centre at (403) 268-5311, Monday – Friday 8 a.m. to 4:15 p.m.
  • Permission Application for Erecting Monuments, etc. and Monument Company Manifest – An approved permit and manifest must be completed before any stone is delivered to a City of Calgary cemetery.
  • Monument/Marker Guidelines – Please review sizes and guidelines for City of Calgary cemeteries prior to submitting an application to erect a monument or marker.  

Please visit our monument and marker page for a sample of our offerings and prices.

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