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Eau Claire Area Improvements construction and detours

Construction update - May 2023

Spring construction is kicking-off!

With the Spring thaw underway, the Eau Claire Area Improvements Program is preparing for the next season of construction. This season you can expect to see work along the Promenade, within the Plaza, and localized detours throughout the area to support safe travel while crews work to finish out many areas within the program.

Crews are back on site, and you can expect to see more construction activity, vehicles, and crews in the area. Please be mindful of crews working and changing detours.


We know that the Eau Claire area is a hot spot for activity in the summer and want to make it as easy and safe as possible for those who live, work, visit, or travel through the area. Localized detours, including construction fencing, pylons, or detour signage will be in the area through the construction season. Detours are subject to change, so please travel with care while in the area.

  • 3 Avenue: The 3 Avenue South detour will remain the dedicated detour until construction on the Bow River Pathway is complete. This detour will be removed in Fall 2023. We know that there will be disruptions to the detour to accommodate utility relocation; please watch for detour signs.
  • Centre Street Lower Deck: The Centre Street lower deck will be closed to vehicle traffic starting at the end of June and plans to reopen by the end of August. The East Centre Street pedestrian ramp will also be detoured for the remaining underpass construction.
  • Eau Claire Plaza Promenade: The connection between Jaipur Bridge and Barclay Parade will be closed throughout construction and is anticipated to be closed until 2025.
  • Riverfront Avenue Pathway Detour: The Bow River Pathway will be detoured onto Riverfront Avenue to complete the underpass connection at Centre Street. Both roadway and pathway user groups are reminded to be aware of the change in travel patterns in the area.

The bridge and pathway connections to Prince’s Island Park will be maintained throughout the construction season. 

Getting around Eau Claire

The City of Calgary is looking at the transportation network in and around Eau Claire to understand where people need to go and how we can make it easier, safer, and more accessible for everyone, whether you travel by foot, bike, bus or car.

Eau Claire is already a very walkable neighbourhood, with good connections to top destinations like the shops and restaurants. RiverWalk and its pathway network make it easy to connect to neighbouring communities like East Village, Chinatown, Downtown West, Sunnyside, and Beltline.


The detour map shows recommended detours for walking and wheeling in Eau Claire to maintain comfort, access and predictability.

Creating safe connections

To maintain safe access to the pathways and cycle network within the city, detours will connect people walking and wheeling along the Bow River Pathway from the West Eau Claire area to RiverWalk in Chinatown and East Village, and the downtown cycle track. Signage will be posted through the construction area; please follow the signs.

Maintaining Access to Businesses and the Community

Access to the businesses and residents along Riverfront Avenue is vital to the community. The driving lanes, loading zones and signage will be adjusted to accommodate a multi-use pathway. This detour allows safer access and travel for people walking and wheeling along Riverfront Avenue.

Keeping greenspace access in the Eau Claire Area

Sien Lok Park will remain open throughout construction. A temporary pathway along the southern edge of Sien Lok Park will be constructed to extend the pedestrian access from Centre Street to 1 Street S.W.

Connecting existing infrastructure

The Downtown Flood Barrier east of Centre Street will use and tie into existing infrastructure such as the RiverWalk pathway. Portions of RiverWalk will remain open throughout construction, and signage will be installed to ensure pathway users can safely navigate the area.

Building a dedicated and predictable detour

The walking and wheeling upgrades along 3 Avenue South will be the dedicated detour for the Eau Claire Area Improvements construction.

Managing the construction zone

At The City of Calgary, we pride ourselves on building a great place to live and a great place to make a life. We know that construction can be disruptive and can feel counter to those goals. Our project managers and contractors have extensive experience in this area. They use lessons learned from previous projects to find new, alternative, and better ways to mitigate the direct impact on Calgarians.

The safety and wellbeing of staff, contractors and the community is an utmost priority for The City.

What to expect

The construction work hours for the Eau Claire Area Improvements Program are Monday to Saturday from 7 AM – 7 PM.

We expect some special work that will need to be done outside of those regular hours for safe access to the site. Notification of these expectations will be listed here:

  • An increase in on-site construction activity, including construction crews, vehicles and heavy equipment.
  • Pathway and sidewalk closures and detours along the Bow River Pathway Network and surrounding areas ensure pedestrians and cyclists can travel safely through the area and still access their destinations.
  • To complete the sidewalk and concrete work in the Plaza and Promenade, crew will be in the area doing sand blasting. We do our best to mitigate and control the dust produced but encourage area residents and businesses to close windows and doors to reduce potential exposure to dust.
  • The temporary removal of some parking, road closures and potential road detours.
  • Fencing around construction areas and on-site signage.
  • An increase in noise and vibrations throughout construction. For example, demolition, motorized equipment, ground compaction and vehicle back-up alarms.
  • Soil disturbance and dust emissions.
  • An increase in truck and equipment traffic accessing the construction site(s) and surrounding areas.
  • Material removal and delivery, as well as on-site flaggers to help direct traffic and pathway users.
  • Construction activity on weekends, weekdays, and overnight as required.


Sound levels
Sound levels - vibratory sheet piling

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