Public Building Sustainability

At age 79, the Calgary Public Building needed an extensive renovation in order to restore one of Calgary’s historic buildings in the downtown core. The base building renovation project included upgrading the mechanical systems and windows to reduce energy consumption and costs by about 50 per cent, and extend the life of this historic building.

The focus of the renovation was on reuse, restoration and preserving the past. Where possible, demolition waste is recycled. Metal studs, wood, plaster and piping are sorted and then appropriately recycled or reused.

The completed renovation improved the environmental performance of the building while lowering the utility costs by 46 per cent, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 54 per cent.

Approximately 60 per cent of the domestic hot water in the building is provided by solar hot water; demonstrating an energy cost reduction of 30.4 per cent (over a building of similar size). The project has also implemented solar hot water and skylights within the building which has reduced lighting power density to 35.7 per cent and has achieved an overall water use reduction of 45.1 per cent.

The Calgary Public Building has achieved gold and is awaiting a platinum rating on the LEED for Commercial Interiors scale. ​​

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