16 Avenue N.W./29 Street Pedestrian Bridge

The 16 Avenue NW/ 29 Street (Stadium) Pedestrian Bridge will cross over 16 Avenue NW (Trans-Canada Highway). It will be located adjacent to several Major Activity Centres. The bridge supports pedestrian access and creates connections in the community and provides a link to the Crosstown Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) network.

The area improvements related to the pedestrian bridge support the current activity and future growth in population and employment in the NW Hub area, including the Foothills Medical Centre (FMC), Calgary Cancer Centre and the UXBorough Development.

The goals and key benefits of the bridge include:

  • Provide a connection to the network of regional pathways, 
  • Facilitate pedestrian and cycling movement across 16 Avenue,
  • Provide access to the north crosstown BRT,
  • Facilitate access to UXBorough (Stadium) development, and 
  • Facilitate access to Foothills Medical Centre.

Background & Considerations

A 2016 Feasibility Study recommended construction of a pedestrian bridge across 16 Avenue NW between the future Stadium redevelopment and the future New Calgary Cancer Centre. Since 2016, the site and conditions of the site has changed due to the following:

  • The design of the New Calgary Cancer Centre is complete. Construction is under way.
  • The UXBorough Development (Stadium) plans are complete. Construction is under way.
  • The construction of the Crosstown BRT is complete. 

Building an accessible overpass will connect the facilities (medical, BRT, pathway, and development) on the north and south sides of 16 Avenue NW. It will be a vital component to creating a comfortable and safer crossing for pedestrians.

Next Steps & What to Expect

The project is currently in the first steps of the preliminary design phase. Given the location of the bridge, we know there are many constraints. The project will consider:

  • utilities, 
  • existing infrastructure, 
  • available land, 
  • development plans on the north side of 16 Avenue,
  • tie-ins to the landscape and
  • buildings on the south side. 

Designs are expected to be complete during 2022 and construction is anticipated for 2023. Progress updates and final designs will be shared on this webpage and directly with the community where appropriate. 


  • Bridge Feasibility Study: Complete (2016)
  • Preliminary Design: Summer 2022
  • Detailed Design: Fall 2022
  • Procurement and award contractor: Winter 2022/2023
  • Construction Start: Spring 2023
  • Construction Completion: Fall 2024

* Updates will be provided regularly and dates may change without notice.  Construction is dependent on weather, site conditions and timing of other projects in the area. 


$9 million - based on Feasibility Study; includes the design and construction of the pedestrian bridge

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