Buckmaster Park area improvements

Project update - December 2022

Mobility improvements:

In 2022, we improved existing sidewalks and installed new ones to support travel into, from and throughout the community. Access to Buckmaster Park itself was also improved via better mobility connections.

In 2023, additional work will be done to improve mobility connections, increase safety for those walking and wheeling, and support utility work happening in the area. A map outlining the proposed locations can be found on our website.


  • Construction Phase 1 – Fall 2022
  • Construction Phase 2 – Spring 2023

Park improvements:

In 2022, we completed the detailed design of the park, focused on highlighting the existing features, improving activity spaces, and creating a space for the community to safely gather. Our final design includes:

  • Upgraded stairs and pathways,
  • Improved lighting to improve visibility, and
  • A central activity area with a stage, seating, and climbing structures.

In 2023, construction will begin and is expected to be complete later next year. Calgarians will be able to enjoy the park throughout the year, however, areas under active construction will be temporarily closed so crews can work safely and efficiently. Once complete, Buckmaster Park will offer Calgarians modernized park spaces, a safe and easy-to-explore layout, and improved community connections. 


  • Contractor Onboarding – Winter 2022
  • Construction – Spring 2023
  • Completion – Fall 2023

About the project

The Buckmaster Park Area Improvements project builds on recommendations from the Bankview Planning & Development Committee and the “This is My Neighbourhood: Bankview” project.

The redevelopment of the Buckmaster Park area will highlight existing features and improve activity spaces to support play, gathering, and travel through the community.

The project will allow residents to move around their community with more ease and safety and will also activate lost spaces to create stronger community connections.

Your input

The City engaged stakeholders and the public to collect feedback on both 26 Avenue S.W. & Buckmaster Park over Summer 2021.

Due to COVID-19, most engagement were held virtually, resulting in 3,921 citizen visits to our Engage website and a total of 350 contributions. From this feedback, we compiled a What We Heard Report.

We learned about their concerns, which helped prioritize several infrastructure items near the Park including installing new sidewalks and improvements to get to and from Buckmaster Park.

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