Sandy Beach Park improvements

Project update - December 2022

In 2022, we completed the detailed design of Sandy Beach Park. The area has seen increased pedestrian and vehicle traffic and we know Calgarians are looking for safer, more accessible ways to get around. Our final design includes:

  • New vehicle parking spaces,
  • A newly paved entrance to support accessible travel, and
  • Enhanced, drought-resistant landscaping.

In 2023, our team will continue to refine the project scope based on our confirmed budget. We expect crews will proceed with paving 50 Avenue S.W., installing additional parking, adding landscaping to manage storm water in the area, and more. Current designs also accommodate for future funding and summer/winter activities. We’ll onboard a contractor and share additional details with the community at that time.

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About the project

As part of the Established Areas Growth and Change Strategy, the community of Altadore and Sandy Beach were recognized as growth areas. In recent years, the community has seen increased pedestrian and vehicle traffic. Potential improvements could include upgrades to recreation facilities, the gravel access road, and parking in Sandy Beach Park.

This work will improve the public realm and support safe, easy, and accessible travel for residents and visitors. The project promotes a vibrant outdoor green space with the existing dog park, public river access, and enhanced park and recreation upgrades.

Your input

The project team met with stakeholders in November 2021 and public engagement was held online from November 29 - December 15, with two virtual open house events. The project team shared the overall designs and participants provided feedback, which can be found in the What We Heard Report.


  • Construction - 2023

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