Hanson Ranch Wetland Improvements

Project Update - Fall/Winter 2022

The project is in the design phase and investigative work continues. Occasionally, City staff will be on site to complete surveys (including plant and wildlife surveys), investigate soil conditions (for geotechnical purposes), and monitor groundwater levels. 

About the Project

The Hanson Ranch Wetland is a constructed wetland type of storm pond that was built in 1999 to retain stormwater runoff in the Hanson Ranch/Hidden Valley community near West Nose Creek. Since it was initially constructed, the structure has deteriorated through natural processes including wind/wave action, sediment movement and settling within West Nose Creek  that have resulted in it not functioning as designed. Because of this, the storm pond is no longer compliant with environmental regulations. In consultation with municipal, provincial, and federal regulators, we’re undertaking a redesign to improve the facility and meet regulatory requirements. Improving this constructed wetland will help reduce the risk of impacts to West Nose Creek and provide an opportunity to enhance the surrounding park area.

Project Benefits

The goal of the redesign is to allow this constructed wetland to meet all of the following functions:   

  • Support stormwater storage demands and release water to West Nose Creek in a controlled way.
  • Improve quality of water leaving the storm pond.
  • Restore and enhance wildlife habitat.
  • Provide social and cultural value to citizens by improving constructed wetlands to help offset wetland losses.
  • Meet existing, new and updated environmental regulatory requirements to protect the creek and the surrounding environment. 
  • Reduce the risk of future damages due to environmental degradation, thus keeping maintenance needs and costs as low as possible and minimizing community impacts.
  • Reduce stagnant water to minimize the risk of odour issues.
  • Continue to occupy a similar footprint and blend into the natural environment. 
  • Provide access to the area and improve amenities such as pathways, trails, and benches.

Project timeline

  • Detail Design: 2022-2023
  • Anticipated Regulatory Permitting: 2023-2024 
  • Anticipated Construction Start: TBD (2024 at the earliest) 

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Connect with the project team

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Project map

Additional Information about Constructed Wetlands

There are 3 types of storm ponds: Dry, Wet and Constructed Wetland (Storm ponds in Calgary).  Constructed wetlands capture and contain stormwater for a period of time, slowing down the water long enough to settle out sediments and filter pollutants, helping return cleaner water to our rivers and streams. Healthy constructed wetlands slow water flow during flood peaks, which helps reduce the rate of runoff and thereby reduces the potential for flooding and erosion downstream; they hold water during droughts, which helps replenish groundwater and replenish water in the atmosphere through evaporation. They also provide valuable habitat for a diverse range of plants and animals.

Project Location

The storm pond is located north of Beddington Trail, north and south of Hidden Creek Drive N.W. and east of Stoney Trail N.W.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why has the project been ongoing since 2016?

The need to review the condition and operation of the Hanson Ranch Wetland was originally identified in 2016.  Planning and design work (engaging with federal, provincial, and municipal regulatory agencies and other regulatory groups) began in 2016; although, design completion and construction were paused. Since that time, The City has completed a condition assessment, assessed conceptual options, and completed preliminary geotechnical investigations as well as began conversations with federal and provincial regulators.  The project did not receive funding to proceed to the design phase until Q4 2018.

Why is this project required?

This work needs to be completed to meet current municipal, provincial, and federal guidelines and regulations, and to improve the function of the storm pond. 

Will this work impact the nearby park/pathway/sidewalk?

There will be impacts to the nearby park/pathway/sidewalk during construction, but once construction, including maintenance work is complete, the area will be returned to the same uses, i.e. park/pathway/sidewalks replaced to similar or better condition than prior to construction.

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