Golfer safety and etiquette

Our Golf Courses are committed to the safety of all customers and golf course staff. We need your help to ensure a safe environment for you to enjoy and for our workers who maintain the golf course.

Check out our Safety advice when you are golfing during inclement weather.

Did you know

  • maintenance equipment and workers have the right of way on the golf course.
  • you should not hit onto the green if the flagstick is out - the mower will cut half the green and return the flagstick - once the worker is out of the way, it is then safe to hit on to the green.
  • you are required to keep all bags, pull carts and power carts off tee boxes, out of sand traps and 30 feet from the edge of greens.
  • Golf Marshals are available to assist you with golf etiquette and safety awareness.

For answers to these questions and more we invite you to read The City of Calgary Golf Courses Etiquette and Safety brochure in our clubhouses or refer to ourEtiquette and Safety pamphlet or the videos below.

Golf etiquette videos

Check out our golf etiquette videos, which will familiarize you with golf terminology, etiquette and other aspects of the game. 

At the tee box

Topics covered: Dress code, where to tee off and safety.

On the Fairway

Topics covered: Who hits first, getting ready to hit your ball next, looking for your ball in the rough, and maintenance workers on course.

The Sand Trap

Topics covered: Where to place your clubs, the sand rake, and hitting the ball out of the sand.

On the Green

Topics covered: Where to place your clubs/pull cart, who putts first, marking your ball, removing the "pin" (flag), divot repair/ball mark repair, and finishing the hole.

Pace of Play

Topics covered: The importance of "pace of play," how it works, and the role of Golf Course Marshals.

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