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City Auditor's Office​

​​City Auditor’s Office delivers reliable public reporting on audit results; responsiveness to emerging risks; risk-based audit and advisory support; professional, confidential and objective support to the Whistle-blower Program; and quarterly reporting of Administration's accountability to implement corrective actions. The City Auditor plans activities to support a level of assurance coverage over City Administration's operations to ensure effective, efficient and transparent delivery of municipal business to all Calgarians.​

Corporate Governance​​

Corporate Governance provides coordinated strategic direction and service delivery guidelines for all services. These business units are responsible for developing Corporate strategic plans and negotiated agreements with other orders of government and partners; we provide the administrative policies, frameworks, rules and standards to direct service delivery; we minimize exposure to legal, financial, reputational and health and safety risks, all of which supports the achievement of organizational objectives.

Corporate Security​​

Corporate Security protects The City's employees, Mayor, members of Council, citizens and visitors, information, assets and infrastructure and assists in the provision of public safety. We have two main sub-services- cybersecurity and physical security. Corporate Security's main areas of focus under these sub-services are:

  • assessments and mitigation strategies
  • training and education
  • security monitoring and response
  • technical and applications support
  • investigations and forensics

Council & Committee Support​​

Council & Committee Support provides the structure by which the City of Calgary’s legislative decision-making meetings and protocol functions are conducted. We manage meetings and events of City Council and its Committees and provide avenues for public participation in the legislative process and appropriate protocol support for events and celebrations.

Data Analytics and Information Access

Data Analytics & Information Access provides citizens and employees data platforms, technology innovations and data hubs for The City. We connect you with authoritative, reliable, consistent and location-based data. We enable you to make proactive data-driven decisions to improve services, reduce costs, increase value and save time.

Executive Leadership​​

Executive Leadership provides organizational leadership to deliver on the expectations of citizens and employees. We set strategic direction and priorities for The City, ensure financial sustainability and the proper use and management of public resources through Corporate oversight. We expect high performance using a performance management system, and promote a culture of accountability, transparency, collaboration and resilience. Our goal is an organization that is well-run for citizens’ investment, with a safe and respectful workplace for all employees.

Facility Management​​

Facility Management plans, builds and operates The City's workplaces and civic spaces. We have a diverse portfolio of 275 civic facilities, totalling 4.22 million square feet. We are responsible for centralization of operations and maintenance, and integrated civic facility planning. Our professional expertise and customer service enables City employees to focus on critical service delivery to you. Delivering safe, functional, accessible, affordable, reliable, sustainable, and resilient civic facilities that optimize staff productivity is our key goal. We also preserve, conserve and protect heritage assets on behalf of The City to create strong and vibrant communities.

Financial Support​​

Financial Support provides sound financial leadership in planning & budgeting, reporting, measuring City services’ financial performance, and making sure financial plans are followed. We also provide investment management, non-tax revenue billing and collection, and payments for goods and services provided to The City.

Fleet Management​​

Fleet Management enables sustainable delivery of City services through management of municipal vehicles, equipment, and components. We acquire, dispose of, maintain and repair City assets, provide engineering and manufacturing, and fleet safety governance. We also provide training for vehicles, equipment, and manufactured goods. Our reliable assets, responsive services, and safe operations enhance the success of City services.

Human Resources Support​​

Human Resources Support provides strategies, governance, programs and services to support the employee life-cycle including: recruitment, onboarding, learning and development, compensation, pay, benefits and pensions, career planning, and performance coaching. We also offer consulting in workforce planning and analytics, recognition, employee and labour relations, change leadership, inclusion and ethical behaviour. Our work serves to influence and reinforce positive, well-run corporate culture, leadership effectiveness and optimized business performance to benefit all Calgarians.

Infrastructure Support​​

Infrastructure Support provides specialized expertise to support City service delivery of energy, project and asset management, land planning management, capital construction, and policy development.

Services we provide include: engagement, planning, design, delivery and sustainment of infrastructure assets; energy and environmental resources; development and delivery of field surveying reports; asset management and budget plans; project management; and managed access to City rights of way and infrastructure in a safe manner.

Insurance & Claims

Insurance & Claims work with The City and City Partners to identify and mitigate risks, and address damages or potential liabilities due to municipal operations. We manage these operational risks and claims arising from daily operations through the civic insurance program. Insurance and Claims also provides an avenue for Calgarians to submit claims.

IT Solutions & Support

IT Solutions & Support provides the technology, devices, and infrastructure that underpins the delivery of all technology solutions for The City. 

We connect 16,000 City staff, 200 City facilities, and 3,000 vehicles to enable day-to-day business activities. This includes provisioning and support for more than 15,000 computers, 16,500 mobile devices (radios, modems, smartphones), and 14,000 telephone lines. The City's 450 km of fibre-optic infrastructure provides high-speed connectivity, promotes research and development, and encourages economic diversity and resiliency. Leveraging technology increases The City’s effectiveness, efficiency, and capacity to deliver services to citizens of Calgary.

Legal Counsel & Advocacy​​

Legal Counsel & Advocacy represents internal municipal clients in legal proceedings involving The City. We also support our internal clients' delivery of services to you through identification of issues and risk, drafting legal documents, advising on legal and regulatory requirements, supporting informed decision making, and developing solutions and strategies.

Organizational Health, Safety & Wellness​​

Organizational Health, Safety & Wellness supports the health, safety and wellness of City employees, so they can deliver services to you and go home safe at the end of the day. We reduce employee injuries and address rising claims costs while following evolving legislation and managing risk at City worksites and facilities. 

Through targeted programs and services including safety advisory support, disability management, industrial hygiene, wellness clinics and programs, employee communication and learning, contractor safety management and mental health support we make The City a great place to work.

Procurement & Warehousing

Procurement & Warehousing provide procurement, inventory, and warehouse services to The City. We support The City by following public procurement law, trade agreements, and City policy. We support City businesses meeting operational commitments and community outcomes through the delivery of goods and services at appropriate quality and cost. Considering the political, legal, economic, social, and technological environments and applying supply chain expertise helps The City deliver value on your investment.

Strategic Marketing & Communications​

This service provides strategic marketing and communications consulting, strategy development, and the delivery of communications and marketing tactics. These align with The City’s brand, serve to strengthen The City’s reputation, and support revenue generating services.