Anti-Racism Action Committee

Anti-Racism Action Committee

In October 2020, an Anti-Racism Action Committee, was formed to oversee the development of a community-based anti-racism strategy. Together, the Committee, Administration, and external consultants will work with Racialized communities to identify strategies to address racism within our programs and services and leverage work being done in our communities. 


The Anti-Racism Action Committee will advise Council and provide leadership on developing and implementing a community-based anti-racism strategy. The Committee will monitor emerging community opportunities and challenges related to racism; identify systemic barriers to accessing City of Calgary programs and services; and recommend opportunities to work with community partners and organizations to address structural racism.

The Anti-Racism Action Committee will be responsible for the following:

  1. Advising  and providing leadership on the development and implementation of a community-based anti-racism strategy;
  2. Identifying systemic barriers to accessing City of Calgary programs and services;
  3. Identifying intersecting oppressive systemic barriers to access information about City of Calgary programs and services; 
  4. Identifying opportunities to work with community partners and organizations, as well as The City of Calgary, on actions to address structural racism on a community-wide level;
  5. Engaging and collaborating with community stakeholders (including other Council Advisory Committees) on systemic racism and actions; 
  6. Reporting back to Council through regular updates to the Community Development Committee, including upon completion of significant milestones, such as Community Consultation; Strategy Development; and Implementation Plan; and
  7. Enhancing Council collaboration and interfacing with Council and Administration on emerging systemic racism issues.


Current members of the Anti-Racism Action Committee include:

Sonia Aujla-Bhullar (Co-chair)

Sonia is a public-school teacher in Calgary and has her PhD in Curriculum and Learning with a focus on anti-racism, diversity, inclusion and equity within education. Her current work focuses on multiethnic and anti-racism community engagement between schools and Racialized families and students. She has published works that include critical analyses around the experiences of Racialized minorities and women in education. As an avid volunteer and supporter of community engagement, she has organized local and national initiatives within the Sikh community and as a board member of the World Sikh Organization. She is also Co-Chair of the South Asian Police Advisory Committee (SAPAC) for the Calgary Police Service and previous council member of the Alberta Anti-Racism Advisory Council (AARAC).

Nellie Alcaraz

Nellie came to Canada as a live-in caregiver under the federal TFW program. She holds a BA in Political Science, a BSW, and an MSW. Nellie is an incoming PhD student at McGill University. Nellie has been awarded the Clarice Chodak Social Action and Justice Award by the University of Calgary (2019) and the ACSW's John Hutton Memorial Award (2021). Nellie is an active organizer with Migrante Alberta and Alberta Assembly of Social Workers.

Eileen Clearsky

Eileen is Saulteaux and Métis First Nations woman from Waywayseecappo First Nation. She is currently a Ph. D. Candidate at the University of Alberta in the Department of Educational Policy, Specializing in Indigenous Peoples Education. Over the past twenty-five years, Eileen has worked, as a classroom teacher, with various First Nations communities within Treaty 6, 7, and 8 territory. Eileen has lived and professional experience with direct racism and understands the harm it has on Indigenous people. Her current work focuses on the process of “Indigenization in the Academy” with a focus on anti-racism. Eileen is dedicated to addressing, educating, and creating policy that reflects a more robust action plan towards reconciliation.  

Dr. Christine Giancarlo

Christine is an anthropologist, researcher and senior lecturer at Mount Royal University. Through her ethnographic research and extensive experience with young adults over thirty years, Christine's expertise in cultural competence, intersectionality, healthcare in marginalized populations and family law brings an holistic perspective towards anti-racism and the deconstruction of systemic racism from the grassroots: cause to effect to perpetuation.

Kari Giddings

Kari is a leader in Human Rights, Inclusion, Diversity and Equity. In addition to extensive experience investigating, mediating and resolving human rights, harassment and conflict complaints, she has developed multi-year Diversity action plans and built successful relationships with diverse community organizations across Canada. She has developed and delivered multiple training programs and overseen accommodation programming. She is a past advisory member of the City of Calgary Aboriginal Urban Affairs Committee (CAUAC), the Calgary Regional Immigrant Employment Council (CRIEC), and Calgary Urban Aboriginal Initiative (CUAI).

Lisa Libin

Lisa is a communications executive with a specialty in issues management. She is currently a Senior Vice President at Brookline Public Relations, one of Canada’s leading boutique communications agencies based out of Calgary with clients in the energy, renewable, tourism, consumer and corporate sectors. In addition, Lisa serves as Vice-President of Calgary Jewish Federation. She is the chair of the Federation’s community relations committee, leading the mandate for the community to build relationships with external, interfaith, ethno-cultural and government groups in the priority areas of advocating on issues of concern to the Jewish community and fighting anti-Semitism.

Anne-Marie Pham

Anne is the Executive Director of the Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion (CCDI). She has worked with diverse communities and workplaces for over 20 years, specializing in mobilizing, educating and sharing the latest research and promising practices on equity, anti-racism and inclusion. Anne-Marie is an active community volunteer, having co-created various community strategies to promote civic participation, mentoring, and leadership development, especially among immigrants, visible minorities, women and youth. She is the co-founder and active contributor of the Calgary Vietnamese Youth Association, the Asian Professional Network of Calgary, and the Calgary Diversity & Inclusion Network. In 2013, she received the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee award for her community service. In December 2017, Anne-Marie was appointed to the Board of Directors of the Canadian Race Relations Foundation (CRRF), a Crown Corporation dedicated to eliminating racism and all forms of racial discrimination.  

Rishi Nagar

Rishi is the News Director for the Calgary Multicultural Broadcasting Corporation and is a published author on the topic of racism. He is also a member of the University of Calgary Senate. He has lived and professional experience with racism and understands a range of civil and human rights issues, including on the historical origins of systemic racism. Rishi is also a member of the Anti-Racism Committee of the Calgary Police Service. 

Jamilah Edwards

Jamilah has held important leadership positions at several Calgary-based non-profits. Currently, Jamilah is the Executive Director of the Lionheart Foundation. Prior to her role at Lionheart, Jamilah was the first Executive Director at the Calgary Fetal Alcohol Network (CFAN) and the first Community Impact Manager at the United Way of Calgary and Area. In 2017-2020 Jamilah served as a Public Member on Bow Valley College’s Board of Governors. In these roles, Jamilah has gained a wealth of experience in organizational strategy and leadership, community engagement, systems and structural change. 


The committee has meetings every second Thursday of each month.