How to prepare for the Youth Hiring Fair

Here's are some steps to help you prepare for your visit to the Youth Hiring Fair:

  1. Decide if you are looking for a summer job only or a summer job that has potential to roll into ongoing employment into the Fall. A summer job this year also has potential to be a job next summer.
  2. Map out your availability. Some employers are looking for staff to start in late April or May, others not until end of June (for training). Map out your commitments and what your availability is seven days per week. Availability mismatch between job seekers and employers is often why a job doesn’t work out. Knowing your availability will influence the type of jobs you apply to at the Hiring Fair. If you’re planning to do summer school and classes are in-person during weekdays, then a summer camp job mostly likely wouldn’t be a good fit.
  3. Determine how you will be getting to work. Yes, you are motivated! But a two-hour transit commute is not sustainable for many. Be realistic, work within your location and make sure the company is in a place you can get to every single day.
  4. Review the list of employers attending the Youth Hiring Fair. Not all of them may interest you or perhaps they require youth to be a minimum age. Then check out their websites to review information about the employer (history, locations, business, and services) and find the job postings so you know what each employer is looking for.
  5. Make a short list of employers you want to speak at the hiring fair. You won’t be able to speak with every employer, so having a short list gives you purpose and helps you focus your energy. If you speak with them all, then speak to other employers.
  6. Prepare an elevator pitch for introducing yourself to employers. If you have done your research, for each employer share one reason why you want to work for them. Being prepared and sounding intentional will leave a good impression with employers.
  7. At the hiring fair, you can obtain a map of the booths and find all the employers you are targeting.
  8. Leave the fair feeling accomplished! You can continue your job search by applying these same steps.
  9. To prepare for the Youth Hiring Fair please drop into the Youth Employment Centre and speak to an employment counsellor. For location and hours please click here.