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Council Policy Library frequently asked questions

What is a Council policy?

A policy at The City of Calgary is defined as "a plan or course of action, intended to influence and determine decisions, actions, and other matters. It describes what is to be done, and must be consistent with overall goals of the organization."

A Council policy is a written policy that has been adopted by Council and provides strategic direction on governance, programs and services provided by The City of Calgary.

What is an Administration policy?

An Administration policy is a policy statement that has been approved by the Executive Leadership Team, focuses on the internal workings of The City as a corporation, and primarily impacts and addresses City employees and contractors.

If you are looking for an Administration policy, please visit the Administration Policy Library.

When are Council policies developed, amended or rescinded?

New Council policies are developed to support and communicate The City of Calgary priorities, respond to social/economic/political changes, and to introduce new initiatives, programs, and services. The City of Calgary Council, any Standing Policy Committee, the City Manager, and General Managers may initiate new Council policies at anytime for consideration by Council.

Council policies are amended to ensure alignment with current Council priorities, initiatives, and practices, as well as with legislation and regulations.

Council policies are rescinded when they become out of date and are no longer required. Council policies may also be rescinded when an existing Council policy has been replaced by a new Council policy.

How do I find a Council policy?

Council policies can be found in a variety of ways:

How do I know if a Council policy was recently updated?

The Council Policy Library is updated each time a new Council policy is adopted by Council, or when Council policies are amended or rescinded. To view a listing of recently adopted, amended or rescinded Council policies please go to Policy updates.

For historical decisions related to a specific Council policy, please consult the Amendment Section of the Council policy.

What is the role of the City Clerk's Office with respect to the Council Policy Library?

The City Clerk's Office is responsible for the management of The City of Calgary's Council Policy Program and the Council Policy Library. The City Clerk's Office works with all City of Calgary Departments to bring new and amended Council policies to Council for consideration and approval, and publishes/un-publishes Council policies following Council's decision.​​​​​