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Support needed: update on the watermain and a call for donations

An update on the watermain

Cews arrived at the damaged section of the crucial watermain yesterday and worked overnight to clear water, dirt, and debris to evaluate the leak site. This has significantly affected water supply in Calgary's reservoirs and the ability to distribute water across the city.

Today, the crews are preparing the feeder main for inspection to determine the next steps and are expected to start removing the damaged pipe section. It is anticipated to take a minimum of 5-7 days to fix and flush the pipe. While progress is being made to repair the break, residents are urged to continue conserving water.

The Boil Water Advisory is still in place for all residents and businesses in Bowness and will remain effective until further notice.

For more information on Boil Water Advisories and safe water usage during an advisory, resources for homeowners and businesses are available at AHS Coping with Emergencies.

Call for donations

If you are able, we would greatly appreciate if you could take a moment this weekend to contribute to supporting the Bowness community, who are still under a Boil Water Advisory.

Donating a flat of water bottles, clean water jugs and water containers, or your time to help deliver water would make a significant difference. This community is comprised of young families, single mothers, students, and seniors who could benefit from your help. 

The Bowness Community Association is accepting flats of water donations 24/7 but clean water containers and jugs are being accepted Monday to Friday from 9 am - 4 pm. The community association is located at 7904 43 Ave NW.

Please continue to support the local businesses of Bowness as well! We all need to come together and help our community. By supporting local businesses, we can ensure that they remain successful through this difficult time. 

Thank you for your cooperation and support!

Crews working on the watermain break

Update #5 on critical water main break affecting City wide water usage

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