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Citizens' survey comments

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Comments about the Calgary Police Service budget from the Public Engagement Process & Results, June 2011.

  • "The need for a safe & secure community. I want to feel confident that my streets and neighbourhoods are safe, as well, that the downtown core and LRT are safe for those who may be vulnerable. I think that he initiatives implemented by Chief Hanson warrant an in crease in his budget, so that he can improve upon the steps that he has taken. Our city population is growing; we need an increase in the numbers of police officers, who can serve our community."
  • "You hardly ever see police on patrol anymore...with all the crime ongoing in this city I would strongly recommend more offocers and more attention to gang units and drugs... so on. Increase the budget to make our streets a safer place not only for our generation, but also for the next."
  • "The Police do a great job in the City, however, investing in community resources will have a greater long-term impact on community safety and well-being. Efficiencies can be created with more partnerships between the Police, CNS, and other community resources."
  • "I would much rather see a well trained police service working from a prevention and investigation standpoint instead of reactionary which means I already am a victim."

Source: Public Engagement Process & Results, June 2011, Dialogue Partners