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How do we use our resources - Facts and figures

Efficiency and effectiveness

The Calgary Police Service has achieved a great deal over the past years, including lower rates of crime and social disorder. This is due, in part, to our work with the community to implement crime management and reduction strategies. This is achieved with fewer officers per square kilometre, and each officer serving more citizens compared to most Canadian cities. The proportion of The City of Calgary budget that is assigned to the Calgary Police Service has not changed in the past six years.

Allocation of resources

Eighty-five per cent of the Calgary Police Service budget is staffing costs. Seventy-four per cent of our members are sworn officers, while the remaining are civilians, often working in specialized positions that are fundamental to keeping the streets of Calgary safe.

Citizens' priorities

As a police service, it is critical for us to engage and consult with Calgarians on a regular basis to determine their thoughts and perceptions of crime in Calgary. We do this daily through interaction with the community. The Calgary Police Commission also conducts a formal survey each year. As well as being a good indicator of public perception, any informal or formal interaction we have with the community helps us shape our response to policing and where we allocate resources.

The following charts from various sources outline the public perception of the Calgary Police Service and where citizens believe we should be focusing our priorities in the future.


In an emergency always call 911

Non-emergency 403-266-1234