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Pharmacy crimes and robberies

No oxy sign.

Pharmacy-related crimes can vary in severity from thefts and frauds to violent robberies. Pharmacies are a prime target for drug-related crimes and business owners should take precautions to prevent robberies and other offences.

Preventing pharmacy crimes

Here are some other tips for preventing pharmacy crimes:

  • Restrict the amounts of certain drugs on site and utilize this no oxycontin signage​.​
  • Provide proper lighting inside and outside the business.
  • Keep the cash register clearly visible to the outside and limit the amount of cash on hand.
  • Make frequent deposits in pairs and alter the deposit times. Consider using a drop safe.
  • Utilize quality video camera surveillance and advertise it's use.
  • Always have at least two clerks working.
  • Provide ongoing staff training on what to do in the event of a robbery.
  • Be alert for suspicious persons hanging out in or around the store and contact the police to have them checked.
  • Greet customers as they enter the store.


Business owners should also be sure to follow the Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design guidelines to protect their business from criminal activity. Please see our information on preventing commercial robberies.

Reporting pharmacy crimes and robberies

If the crime is in progress or has just occurred, call 911 only when safe to do so. If an offender is still in your store, do not place yourself in any jeopardy to call police.

Remember: in any robbery, your safety is the number one priority.​

If you are reporting the incident after it has occurred​, please call 403-266-1234.