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Calgary Police Service Crime Prevention and Reduction Continuum

The Calgary Police Service (CPS) is committed to reducing crime in our community by working with community partners to develop comprehensive strategies to address education, prevention, early intervention, treatment and enforcement. These strategies are applied progressively along a continuum with the ultimate goal of keeping individuals out of the formal justice system when appropriate, and to treat the underlying causes of their criminal behavior.

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Crime prevention and education component

The initial component of the continuum focuses on the following crime prevention and education phases.

Integrated School Support Program (ISSP)

The Integrated School Support Program (ISSP) is a prevention-based initiative in two elementary schools located in the forst Lawn Community; Patrick Airlie School from the Calgary Board of Education (CBE) and Holy Trinity School from the Calgary Catholic School District (CCSD). ISSP is designed to provide targeted services addressing a variety of needs within a diverse school and community. ISSP merges a number of new and pre-existing programs, to create a supportive environment in which a child can attain personal success, both academically and socially.

The objective is to ensure students and their families receive the necessary supports in the school, including a positive police presence, on-site psychologist, physical education specialist, social worker, access to a health clinician, breakfast and lunch programs, and after school programs that include mentoring and tutoring.

The approach is based on a holistic perspective, which encompasses nutrition, fitness, academic success, emotional well-being and building a safe and strong community.


Working together as a community to ensure people will be connected to services, supports and solutions, the Safe Communities Opportunity and Resource Centre, or SORCe, is a location where people can access programs and services that address their current situation. SORCe offers information, provides initial assessments to determine a person’s need, offers counseling as required, facilitates referrals for individuals to a range of programs and services that responds to their unique circumstances and transports people to agencies when appropriate.

SORCe is a grassroots initiative supported by community-based organizations which work together to enhance capacity and leverage existing resources to help people and build a stronger community. The fundamental operating principles of SORCe are to improve the availability of and access to services and improve the coordination of services.

SORCe was developed under the guidance of a Community Leadership Group (CLG) comprised of the United Way; Calgary Homeless Foundation; Alpha House; Drop-In Centre; The Alex; Neighbourlink; Office of the Chief Crown Prosecutor; Chief Probation Officer Calgary; The City of Calgary’s Community & Neighbourhood Services and Animal & Bylaw Services; Calgary Police Service and Alberta Health Services.

Crime reduction, early intervention and treatment

The CPS partners with a number of agencies to provide programming for youth who are involved with criminal activity or at risk of becoming involved. These programs include:


Enforcement and incarceration are the last recourse when addressing offences committed by young adults who abuse alcohol/drugs or suffer from an undiagnosed mental illness. Rather than a purely punitive approach, opportunities exist to provide treatment to these individuals.

The Integrated Justice Services Project (IJSP) is a problem-solving approach by a diverse coalition of government partners aligning health, social, community and justice services. The IJSP develops and implements processes for dealing with offenders entering or involved in the criminal justice system, by providing specialized treatment and targeted support services to reduce their chances of re-offending.

The concept of the Secure Detox and Treatment Centre in Alberta, administered as a secure addictions facility, would provide a place for motivated individuals with mental illness and addictions, who have been convicted of a crime, to serve their time, detoxify and receive treatment. The Safe Jail alternative would not be offered to high risk, violent or career criminals.

Under the IJSP, a Safe Communities Opportunity and Resource Centre (SORCe) is being created to act as a single, accessible, location where offenders can receive treatment, supervision and support services to address the underlying cause of their criminal behavior. Housing these types of community and government services together at SORCe will provide a coordinated approach to address offender issues.


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