Calgary Police Service

Crime Prevention and Reduction Continuum

The Calgary Police Service's Crime Prevention and Reduction Continuum works with the community to prevent people from entering the justice system. We believe that intervention is needed to criminal behaviours exhibited by individuals in different age groups.

Crime prevention and education

The Continuum begins with education and a partnership with Calgary school boards for students from kindergarten to Grade 12 to help them make good decisions, develop resilience, avoid risky behaviour, and avoid victimization.

Multi-Agency School Support team

The Multi-Agency School Support team consists of police officers teamed with social workers assisting students the school administration has identified as exhibiting anti-social or offending behaviour.

Cadet Corps

The Cadet Corps is a program that promotes leadership, citizenship, and a policing career among students with social, economic, or cultural diversity. The Cadet Corps is geared toward 12-18 year olds while the Senior Cadet Corps is geared toward the 19-24 age groups.

Early Intervention and treatment programs

The Child Advocacy Centre (CAC) is a streamlined co-located and interagency centre offering a co-ordinated approach to investigation, crisis response, and therapeutic services.

The CAC represents four agencies:

  • Calgary and Area Child and Family Services
  • Calgary Crown Prosecutors
  • Calgary Police Service
  • Alberta Health Services

These four government agencies are leading the way with a new model of integration and collaboration. For the first time, these groups will work together under one roof, to focus on prevention and treatment of child abuse. Designed for children 17 and younger, the Centre houses a compassionate team of frontline social workers, medical experts, therapists, and police officers who will provide support to children and their families who have experienced abuse, while improving communication and furthering justice when a crime has been committed.

The Child Advocacy Centre
4 floor Child Development Centre
University of Calgary
3820 24 Ave. N.W.
Calgary, Alberta

Other services are provided within the early intervention and treatment framework of the Continuum:

  • Gateway
  • SHOP (Serious Habitual Offender Program)
  • YARD (Youth at Risk Development Program)
  • School Resource Officers

Police and crisis team

Police officers are partnered with mental health clinicians who provide onsite assessment of individuals suffering from mental health issues, addictions, and/or homelessness. Reponses range from providing transport to the Safe Communities Opportunity and Resource Centre, where multi-treatment services are provided in-house, to Form 10 which results in the individual being admitted to hospital for a psychiatric assessment, or an arrest which leads us to the final stage of the Continuum enforcement.


Under enforcement, we find Integrated Justice Services Project consisting of either diversion sentencing options, or treatment depending on the needs of the individual and the discretion of police officers and the justice department.


In an emergency always call 911

Non-emergency 403-266-1234