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InfoPosts and the Intelligence Evaluation Unit

InfoPosts and the Intelligence Evaluation Unit

Did you know the Calgary Police Service has a unit dedicated to reviewing information collected by officers involving members of the public?

InfoPosts consist of officer contacts, commonly referred to as street checks, directed patrols that include ensuring court-imposed conditions are being abided by, and parolee release information which is provided by Correctional Service Canada and provides CPS with information to assist with offender management. The Intelligence Evaluation Unit (IEU) reviews each InfoPost to ensure the information is legally obtained, collected without bias, and stored properly to protect the privacy of the citizens of Calgary.

The CPS collects information for many reasons, including to investigate offences, prevent crime and to protect the life and property of those who live in Calgary. Collecting this information is necessary for us to do our jobs.

Roughly 14 officer contacts are entered as InfoPosts into the CPS database each day, with some of the most common collected by members who attend calls for social disorder, property crimes, drug activity and traffic stops - all gathered during an officer’s course of duty. Roughly half of these contacts are initiated by calls from the public reporting suspicious activity.

All InfoPosts are reviewed by the IEU within 24 hours of being taken and if they contain information requiring investigative follow up, they are forwarded to the appropriate CPS unit.

There is significant rigor around how the information is collected and stored. And while other agencies do not have direct access to InfoPosts, some of the information may be shared with law enforcement partners for public safety, as part of joint operations, or to assist with criminal investigations in other jurisdictions. The CPS is in full compliance with the Charter of Rights guarantees, the Alberta Bill of Rights, the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, and CPS Fair and Impartial Policing practices.

Info Post Policy

There are many success stories involving InfoPosts helping investigators solve very serious crimes, including a series of sexual assaults and a case where information that was collected was used to retrieve CCTV footage that helped solve a string of break and enters. Other historical files have also been solved using information collected and stored as an InfoPost.


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