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Facility Management

Facility Management (FM) is an award-winning business unit at The City of Calgary.  We provide professional management care of The City's properties and buildings, ensuring that our internal clients have the facilities to support their activities in a safe and secure manner with a focus on minimum cost to the taxpayer.

FM supports The City's long-term service and infrastructure needs by managing our activities in a sustainable way. FM considers the environmental, economic and social consequences when:

  • developing strategies for the best use of Corporate facilities; 
  • providing comprehensive project management in The City's vertical building projects; and
  • managing and maintaining facilities.

Services we provide

  1. Identification of surplus properties and hosting surplus furniture sale
  2. Strategic planning of facilities
    • Develop policies, plans and strategies for the best use of City-owned land and facilities.
    • Identify opportunities to achieve The City's facility needs.
    • Develop mid and long-term capital plans.
    • Project planning.
  3. Construction projects and initiatives
    • Project and construction management for The City's vertical building projects.
    • Corporate accommodation planning and interior design services for City administration and operations.
  4. Building and facility management
    • Building Management
    • Building operational improvements.
    • Renovation projects.
    • Building condition and lifecycle assessment.

FM staff bring a diverse skill set to their clients and projects. Many staff are Leadership in Environmental and Energy Design (LEED(TM)) accredited or have earned a LEED credential, are certified tradespeople and professional project managers.