Why renewable energy for Operations Workplace Centres?

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions

Renewable energy initiatives are part of the Operations Workplace Centre (OWC) program at the City of Calgary as one way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Following Corporate direction for energy sustainability, OWC Master Plans are looking into opportunities for renewable energy options such as:

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Why wind power?

Although wind turbines are a long-term investment, a small wind turbine can generate a significant amount of electricity if it has enough consistent wind. Some of the newer, more efficient small wind turbines can even generate enough electricity for up to 24 houses for a whole year! To learn more see: How much electricity can a small wind turbine produce?

A "gentle breeze" of about 18 kilometres per hour (5 metres per second) is the preferred wind speed for some small wind turbines to significantly offset the electricity currently used by the Bearspaw OWC site. To learn more see: How much wind is needed for a small wind turbine?

Corporate direction: energy sustainability

  • The Municipal Development Plan is a clear mandate from Calgarians to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels by creating opportunities to generate renewable energy.
  • Imagine Calgary’s goal for 2036 is for 30 per cent of Calgary’s energy to come from low-impact renewable sources.
  • The Triple Bottom Line approach of The City of Calgary reflects a greater awareness of the impacts of our decisions on the environment, society and the external economy - and how those impacts are related.
  • The Corporate Workplace Framework makes sure workplace infrastructure is developed as part of a long-range plan. A supporting principle is sustainability.
  • The Sustainable Building Policy supports exploring options for onsite renewable energy generation.
  • The 2020 Sustainability Direction goal is for greenhouse gas emissions to be reduced by 20 per cent from the 2005 baseline.
  • When The City of Calgary was one of eight municipalities to sign the Calgary Climate Change Accord, we committed to bold greenhouse gas reduction targets for our municipal operations and wider community.

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