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Underground utilities on residential properties

In Calgary, residential properties often have utility rights-of-way on the front 10 ft. of the property. 

These utility Rights-of-way are for shallow utility placement and can contain critical gas lines, electrical lines, and telephone and internet cables for homes and businesses.

  • Trees are not permitted to be planted in utility rights-of-way, only flowerbeds may be planted.
  • Before digging holes for such things as planting or replanting trees in your front yard, or building fences, contactAlberta One-Call so a representative can come to the property to mark the location of shallow utilities.
  • The homeowner must make sure the work being carried out does not contravene the  requirements of restrictive covenants, caveats, or any other restrictions that are registered against the property.

Always remember to call or click before you dig. For more information on this service or to submit a locate request, visitAlberta One-Call. ​​​