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Learning about Affordable Housing

A healthy housing system offers a diverse mix of structures to suit a variety of individual and family needs, e.g. apartments, townhomes, single-family dwellings. It includes both rental and ownership properties at market and non-market (subsidized) rates, giving people at all income levels access to safe and stable housing.

A model of Calgary’s housing spectrum. The City of Calgary works with other levels of government, non-profits and private developers to meet our city’s non-market housing needs.

Calgary's housing market is suffering a supply deficit in the non-market (affordable housing) sector. Since 2011, the average increase in new affordable housing units is 308 units per year.  However, to keep up to demand, Calgary needs 2,000-2,500 new units per year.

We work with the provincial and federal governments, non-profit organizations and private sector developers to close this gap.

Housing research

Research is a critical component of our work as it enables us to understand opportunities and challenges and make evidence-based decisions. The City has a variety of current and past research reports on Calgary’s housing system, affordable housing and homelessness.

Research reports:

CMHC Resources

CMHC is the leading authority on housing matters in Canada. Among the many resources and services offered: