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Four square

This four square game is fun for the whole family!


  • Chalk
  • Your sidewalk or driveway
  • A ball that bounces
  • At least four people


  • With the chalk, draw a large square at least two metres wide
  • Divide the big square into four equally sized small squares
  • Number each square one to four

How to play

  • Each player stands in one of the four squares
  • To start the game, the player in square one serves the ball by bouncing it once in their square and then hitting it toward one of the other squares
  • The receiving player, then hits the ball to any other player in one of the other squares
  • When a player is out, the other players move up to take their place. The out player moves to the last square
  • Agree on your family rules. Some ideas are:

    • Everyone must hit underhand
    • The ball can only bounce once in a square
    • Hitting inside lines are "Out"
    • Hitting outside the lines is "Out"
    • If the ball bounces in your square you must hit it
    • You are out if:
      • The ball bounces two times in your square or you hit it before it bounces
      • You hit the ball out of bounds
      • You hit the ball to an inside line
      • You hit the ball overhand