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Fox and hound game

Safety Tip: Find an open space where you can move around freely without slipping or hitting anything. It can be in your living room or even your backyard.


  • Various household items (e.g. kitchen chairs, etc.)
  • Soft rope or clothes
  • Two or more people


Step one

Make a large circle out of household items. Make sure the spaces between each item are big enough for the players to get through.

Step two

Pick one person to be the fox and another person to be the hound. The fox starts outside of the circle and the hound starts inside. All other players can be inside the circle.

Step three

The fox must pass through the spaces and lay down soft rope or clothes to mark the spaces closed. The hound must try to catch the fox before they close the whole circle, but can’t pass through spaces that are closed.

Step four

The game is over once the hound catches the fox or if all pathways are closed. Try switching roles and play again!