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Jump and splash

This activity is a good way to practice how to skip rope. This is fun to play inside the house or in your backyard!


  • Skipping rope (if you don’t have one, use heavy rope and tie knots on each end)
  • A glass of water filled about half way (tap water is okay)
  • A partner (optional)


Step one

Have a partner hold one end of the rope and tie the other end to a post or door knob. If you don't have a partner, lay the rope on the floor.

Step two

The jumper will hold the water while skipping rope. Jump from one side of the rope to the other without spilling the water.

Step three

Challenge yourself!

  • See how many times you can skip rope while holding the glass of water
  • If you’re playing by yourself:
    • Try to hop back and forth with one leg
    • Add a spin into your jumps
  • If you’re playing with a partner:
    • Try skipping rope with your eyes closed