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Laundry basket handball


  • 2 or more people from your home
  • 2 laundry baskets about the same size
  • Soft balls, rolled up socks, balled up aluminum foil or similar sized stuffed toys


Find a space with lots of room so you can move, throw and pass. This could be in your living room, backyard or garage.

Make your teams. Decide who will play Goalkeeper, Defense and Offense. If teams are uneven, one person can be the Scorekeeper. The Scorekeeper can also keep track of the time! You can switch teams after the round ends.

Handball game rules:

  • Players can hold onto the ball for 3 seconds before passing the ball.
  • After receiving the ball, players can take up to 3 steps before they need to pass the ball.
  • Goalkeepers must stay within one metre of the goal.
  • Make your own rules too! But make sure everyone agrees and knows them before you play.


  • You score a goal when you get the ball in the laundry basket.
  • 1 point is awarded for every successful goal.
  • Play for 10 minutes and the team with the most points wins!